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Andrea Wasik

We have a homeowner who is requesting a driveway extension up along his unit (side). (We are 34 separate units).

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Can a Condo board have an executive session meeting only without a regular board open to all?

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A limited proxy has been sent to unit owners of a condominium asking for approval for a material alteration or substantial addition to the common area and requiring 75 percent approval. The proxy is good for 90 days.

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Mine is the only unit with an extra room off of the back with its own roof. I recently had water get in, damaging the ceiling, and it also looks like it will need a new roof.

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I've asked for an amendment to our very flawed, 30 year old, by-laws stating that there is no right to subrogate insurance claims.

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Our board is spending money like 'drunk sailors' without getting the approval of the HOA. 1mm for new sidewalks that weren't broken. Yes some 'repairs' were needed, but, not all the walkways were broken.

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