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I can't get condo owners to pitch in for window replacements

We are of self-managed condo association and two of the window in the common area entryway are cracked.  I want to assess the owners for their share to get the windows replaced but they don't want to spend the money to fix them.  Can I force them to do it?

How to get a Radon detector installed?

We are currently a five home HOA with two vacant lots that are for sale in Michigan. Some of the homeowners (me included) have completed testing for Radon and have above EPA standard levels (mine was twice the standard). I've sought out a contractor to install a mitigation system and submitted a request to the BOD's March 22, 2018. The President has to (by direction of the developer) submit this to the developer for final approval. Currently, he is on vacation and said he would check his emails when he had a chance. As of this date, I've heard nothing about this! How long does one have to wait for the developer to respond before one can proceed with having this system installed.
This developer is a VERY hard person to deal with and threatens anyone that doesn't abide by the bylaws. I got caught up in a situation a while ago and he's threaten me with litigation but so far he's only blown smoke! Taking everyones best interest into consideration, I've not taken any aggressive action to go against the grain and have this system installed. But as a developer, he's not doing his "due diligence" in preforming his "fiduciary duties". Is there anything we as homeowners can do to get around this despicable person? If so, what steps should we be taking. Thank you in advance for any and all advice that might be shared with us.
I should add that the reason the developer is against any exterior modifications to the houses. That is why he got upset last year with me when I had brick pavers installed on each side of the driveway to make it more compatible for my wife to get in an out of our car in the winter time after suffering a stroke earlier in the year and still not quite stable when walking. Our young great grand daughter lives with us and I don't want to see any long term affects from Radon bothering her due to the cancer risk that comes from the exposure to this dangerous gas.

How to get new signatory on condo association bank account?

I am currently in charge of the condo bank account for my 3 unit building. Since I am selling, I want to add a representative from the other units to our account. The bank will not allow me to do this without an "Appointment of Trustees" form. When I bought my condo in 2005, I was not required to fill out this form. Does anyone know where this form can be found? The bank doesn't seem to know where I can get it and the Registry of Deeds was also unhelpful.

Old condo board still making all the rules

I live in a condominium in Georgia. It is that time of year for our annual owners meeting and election of the Board of Directors.

Our documents state that annual meeting must be held within 60 days of the end of our fiscal year. We just received the meeting notice and the meeting is being held April 7,2018 which is way past the 60 days end of our fiscal year. I questioned them about this and their reply was “sorry for the delay” with no reason given.

Our Board of Directors consists of 5 people. 2 of them are serving their 2nd year of their 2 year term. So that means voting for 3 new people. The BOD nominated 3 people that are already on the board. One of them has sold her unit and no longer resides here. (Our antiquated documents allow for a non owner to be on the board). Owners are wondering why she would even be nominated let alone want to be on the BOD.

4 owners circulated petitions to run for the board (per our documents 15 signatures are required). We received the ballots late last week and 2 of the 4 owners names were not on the ballot. Both of them questioned our management company and the BOD, and were told there were several signatures that were not legible. One owner had 25 names on his petition and they are telling him 11 signatures were not acceptable. Shouldn’t the management company or BOD advised these owners of this before mailing out the ballots? They are saying 4 signatures were unreadable, 4 were not the owners signature, and 2 were past due in the monthly fees. The management company said they tried to reach the owners in question by email but had no response. The 2 owners asked for proof of this and were denied.

It is so obvious what the current BOD is doing, they still want their control of the board and are afraid if 3 new people are voted in they will be voted off the board. By the way the current board is the worst I have seen in the 14 years of living here. And it upsets owners that the current board is still making decisions 3 months into the new year of 2018.

Do folks in condo buildings really need dogs?

Our Governing rules state only one dog per unit - renters can not have a dog,

A non deeded owner moved into our association as she married a person who was living her for many years (when not in prison) His new wife is not a deeded Shareholder but moved in with not one but two dogs:
She goes to work WITHOUT THE DOGS but claims they are service dogs,

The DBPR said shareholders have every right to question if these dogs are in fact service/emotional/therapy trained dogs but our Board of Directors who approved these dogs - against shareholders complaints, said it is private and would not allow this review,

We are not interested in WHY these dogs are trained for either service/therapy or emotionless reasons - - only if they are any of these reasons.

I question why this person can go to work - drive a car - without requiring these dogs, can you give advice as to how to find out the truth that I believe are fake - imposters and the Board has created Selective Enforcement,

Suspicion over new condo association accounting process

The management company of my condo in Maryland has recently informed me the Association has an accountant that produces our annual audits. This accountant appears to work for our auditor that produces our annual audits.

I have an odd feeling that something is inherently not quite right with this situation when an auditor is supposed to be independent.

And it appears to me that a ‘fox is guarding the Association’s chicken house’ when it comes to the production of financial statements that form the basis of our annual audits. These financial statements are required in our Condo’s bylaws.

The Consumer Protection Division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office doesn’t handle this issue.

Is garage door considered common property?

I live in a condo in Illinois that is governed under the condo act. The cement apron under my garage door has buckled to the point that the door gaps almost 3" at one end. My association says that repair is my responsibility since the use is confined to one owner. My question: Why wouldn't this be considered a building foundation issue? There is also cracking in areas of the garage floor.

Is owner getting over-charged on late condo fees?

My condo just got replaced with a new Management company and they replaced the the whole entire Board of Directors which were condo owners. Maybe due to inappropriate financial misplaced funds? And being that this condo has not been updated in the past 40 years? Last year I fell behind on my maintenance payments and had to go to Legal Aid once a lien was placed on my condo by the older Board Of Directors. So I was placed on a plan to pay back my arrears. Looking at the account status dated back March of 2013 through Jan 2017 I see payments with late fee's and interest that were placed in the billings, but I had till the 10th of every month to pay without getting any late fees. So my belief is while I was paying on time which I can show proof, they may have deposited my payments late and charged me the $25 late fee and interest. What should I do to recover or credit that back to me. Now with this new Management Company, who do I place this discrepancy to and re-evaluate this theory that I have about these payments.

What if condo buyer fails background check?

Our association has potential buyers fill out a form for doing a background check before allowing the sale of units. On a recent one we discovered an applicant with a previous lengthy criminal record, what are the laws on that And Is it simply a vote by the board whether to allow or deny this potential buyer?

Now that I'm an HOA board member...

Ok so I put my money where my mouth is and became an HOA board member. I’m working on educating myself by reading up on things.

At our annual meeting, the 74 year old president and this other guy who has done 0% to address any issues here both announced that they were resigning effective immediately.

So myself and two women in their late 60’s took over. I’m in my early 40’s. And work full time. The women are both retired.

We decided to reconvene in 30 days from that first meeting to address the things not covered enough in the first meeting.

I need to tell the readers that the recent resigning president and the other guy both ignored most of the HOA issues for 2 years that I’ve lived here. The former president is a master at lying to people and he will agree to anything and then forget or just blatantly not follow up, at all.

He was supposed to write many letters over 2 years, warning HOA members of violations. He ignored a water leak and cost the HOA to use up $10k for a repair that should have been fixed long before I even moved in this place 2 years ago. Everyone is upset because our HOA has almost no money saved now. There also was an expensive hand railing replacement where elderly ex president hired a guy who dropped off metal Hand railing material. He screwed around for 2 days then disappeared. The Hand rail ended up not getting worked on for an entire year. And that metal sat around and rusted. The HOA now ex president gave away the metal to someone and I helped facilitate a proper hand rail installation through a contractor. Both the neglected leak water damage that existed for over 2 years and the hand rail project cost over $15k and it tapped our reserves.

One of the letters elderly ex promised me for 2 years that he’d write and never did was that my neighbors were in violation of an annual fire alarm/ fire sensor check. Our HOA got fined and the cost was split up amongst the other units and we all paid for 1 condo owners fire martial fine. AND he STILL remained in violation for an entire year. Ex president coward wouldn’t confront bully neighbor.

The neighbor I’m talking about is the same one I’ve written a rant about last time I posted.

We have a shared common area hallway and he stores a bunch of his belongings in that hallway that we both use to get to our garage. His boxes, Christmas tree, women’s high heel shoes, plastic bags, water bottle skid, plastic cooler blocks his door to his garage and he steps over his junk when he comes and goes. It’s an eye sore and very irritating to see this sloppy mess.

Well, this year we had our annual fire alarm sensor check, etc and once again, hallway mess boy has ignored our notices about the check. This time, I intervened and got our management company to write them a letter stating the violation, giving them notice on the fine from the fire martial being passed along to them and telling them to remove the junk in the common area. The second fire alarm check to make up for the first check is coming up this 4/13.

The other HOA board member who I said quit, decided to come to our 30 day follow up meeting and suddenly starts trying to manipulate the 3 of us on my “battle over the hallway”. He said that it is “your problem you need to work out with your neighbor.” I told him, “No, it’s a violation of the HOA bylaws. And not a personal vendetta that I have. I’ve looked at that mess for over 2 years and it’s also a fire martial violation.” Then I brought up the fact to everyone’s attention that our elderly and incompetent supposed president who just resigned ignored both the hallway mess, lied to me about enforcing the rules and he passed along $300 fine from the fire martial and intended for my violation neighbor to all of the HOA and it came from our HOA savings.

I ignored the quitter and I drew up a letter that directly quotes the legal definition of “shared common area” the quitter had tried to soft bully/ manipulate us into thinking that the hallway I shared with my neighbor does not involve the HOA and it’s a neighbor dispute. I maintained that when I was moving in and my realestate agent and I saw the mess with elderly president he said immediately that he would 1) draft and send a letter and 2) if the neighbor did not move their things, he’d remove them and send them a bill for the removal. TWO YEARS went by and I reminded him many times. I have an email paper trail and photos that I emailed my HOA board and no one took any action.

Well, now I am taking action. We have the fire alarm company to return specifically for that unit. We have indicated that they will have all fines passed along to them. I quoted the bylaws in a second letter and put them on notice (via our management company) that they will be getting a $15 fine for the hallway mess followed by a $50 fine plus $10.00 per week that they do not remove their stuff. Also warning them that we will take action after 30 days and remove and dispose of the stuff, then send them the bill.

I ignored the quitter who tried to tell me I can’t do that. The HOA bylaws clearly state the HOA board has the right to do those things. And our elderly president did not follow through on anything he said he would do in order to pass along the presidency to the 3 of us who actually give a darn about where we live.

That shared common area is accessible only through my or my neighbors unit and we expect them to act out and try to retaliate against me. It feels good to form a paper trail. Our HOA management company president/ CEO is an attorney and he agreed with my statements and letters I’ve written. He said if my neighbor harasses me or tries to “get in my face” then we will also document that and take action for creating a noxious and unhealthy living environment for his neighbors (me).

There is a lot more going on here but I will try to keep this posting on the main topic of 1) how incompetent HOA leaders can cost the entire HOA thousands of dollars. 2) that you can enforce rules that are posted in your bylaws. 3) documentation is good for covering your backside.

I can follow up later on this month and let you all know how the actions I’ve taken with my HOA have worked.

By the way, the three of us did not establish who is the president, Vice President etc. we all just seem to want to accomplish things getting done around here and we are fairly good at communicating via email with each other.

There is a fear coming from my board members of this trouble maker neighbor who notoriously are bullies. I have 2 police visits documented from me calling the police and this last visit, the police pounded on my neighbors door. He ignored the police and then he HID in his condo and did not come out or leave at all for 5 days. I have security cameras so I know when anyone comes or goes here.

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