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Over-paying for Homeowners Insurance?

Who Pays for Condo Damage From Events Like Hurricanes And Tornadoes?

My Condo's Articles, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations state that outside windows, sliders and doors are considered to be part of units and therefore unit owners are responsible for their repair and replacement. Probably your Condo's documentation says the same, and it will be claimed by your Boards that unit owners are responsible for paying for damage caused by hurricanes and tornadoes or other outside less-likely events.

How best to reign in negligent condominium board?

Over the last few years our condominium association and its board have drifted in practice against the governance dictated in the Master Deed and By-laws documents. We presently have the following deviances against the governing documents


How to register as a condo trustee in Massachusetts?

I have purchased a condominium in a 4 unit building in Boston. How do I register as a trustee in the trust which was formed by the four unit owners?


Can condo association dictate what I put on my lawn?

I live in a condo that is part of a condo association.  I own my house and land but the association seems to think they have the right to tell me what and where I put things on my lawn.  I have a custom wood swing set on the rear of my property that the association says must be within 16 ft of the rear of my house and my property line is 54 ft from my house. Can they tell me I can't put this at the rear of my land

What are ADA laws on handicap parking in Florida?

What are the ADA laws on handicap parking signs in a Florida condominium

Does HOA need approve use of reserve funds?

Florida HOAs may use reserve funds for expenses other than reserve expenditures if approved by a majority vote at a meeting at which a quorum is present. Is this a Board of Directors' meeting or a meeting of the entire membership? And is notification of such possible action necessary? 

HOA Accounting: What is the Difference Between a Compilation, Review and Audit?

Many HOA residents believe that their association is audited every year. In many situations, this is simply not the case.  While HOAs must file tax returns, they are not necessarily subject to annual audits.  State law or an association’s bylaws will typically spell out if an audit is required.  But in many situations a lower level of assurance is allowed.


What is the standard parking space size?

Our condo association has indoor and outdoor parking, but the spaces seem small and they are hard to get in and out of. I think the parking dimensions are off.  Is there a standard parking space size that we can use to fix the problem?

Does HOA board have obligation to seek best rates for reserves?

What obligation does the board have to invest the reserves in the most favorable interest rate?    Also, does the board have to have contracts with subcontractors or is it acceptable to hire a subcontractor on a monthly basis with no scope of services?

Is condo association responsible for pest control problems?

How can I find out if the condo association is responsible for rodents digging holes outside around the foundation of my unit?


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