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Who should we replace our Allstate insurance with?

Our insurance with Allstate was canceled. Who is the best master property insurance company to get a new quote from?


Can condo association change parking spot assignment?

I have been living in Miami Beach since 1999. I bought condo from my brother and am using same parking spot as my brother had. Now, after 25 years, the condo board wants to change my parking according to bylaws. Can they do this?

NY condo needs association insurance funds to repair water damage

Under the loss payment provision concerning building insurance claim money received. In the condo in the five boroughs on NYC in New York. I am a condo owner without a mortgage that suffered a water casualty and the condo is unlivable.


Is there an HOA tax return to be filed?

Question about HOA tax returns.  We fall into this category and never have surplus (almost always have special assessments):

Vibrations in the floors of condo unit causing problems

I have an issue with floors next door to my unit that cause vibrations in my unit. I have complained for almost three years to the HOA and Management. Finally, a month ago, the HOA asked the landlord of the other unit to have her floors checked. She brought in a contractor, who only went to the unit causing the vibrations and stepped hard on the floor and told me he didn't hear anything. I know it is the floors and what is causing it, but no one believes me. The HOA says they can't afford a structural engineer to check out the problem. They are saying I should pay for it. I believe they may not want to do this do to the age of the building, 45 years, and what will be found, as it would be too costly to repair, probably causing an assessment. I have lived her 35 years and put a lot of equity into my unit, so my retirement would not be too costly. Now the vibrations are so bad at times, when sitting on my sofa, it feel like a vibrator was turned on. Embarrassing when company or family are visiting. I am considering a letter from an attorney, requesting they hire a structural engineers who will do a thorough investigation and submit a report to all involved. If they deny doing this, any solutions recommended?

Association's deductible to high to cover condo unit damage

I own and live in my condo which is on the top floor. At sometime, the roof leaked damaging my ceiling. My insurance, Liberty Mutual, said the HOA will not pay for the damage as their deductible is $10,000, and the repair is costing $500. My deductible is $1000, so that means it must come out of my pocket. Doesn't seem fair that the damage was caused by the responsibility of the HOA. Has anyone had experience with this? Is there anyway to fight for them to repair?

Can CAM fire HOA committee chairperson?

Can a CAM fire a committee chair and appoint the President of the board to take his place

HOA loan balance does not show up on financial statements

Our BOD has three new members with two of us being in accounting, yet we can’t figure out why a loan balance shows up on the financials from the management company but is nowhere on the reviewed financials that are reviewed by our accountant each year. Shouldn’t this liability be showing on reviewed statements too? We are only now being exposed to fund accounting – but it seems odd.


Condo buildings: Are interior walls between units common property?

During hardwood floor installation, we discovered a problem with cold air seeping into the drywall resulting is icy cold hardwood floors. Additionally cold air is coming into bedroom through the electric covers. While there may be problems with exterior wall (cracks, etc.), I am trying to understand who technically owns the insulation/space between exterior wall and drywall. I can’t get a simple answer from my management board. They say its dependent on the structural engineers findings. I agree with that if they found cracks etc. Let’s assume the report comes back with no findings of cracks, then who is responsible to rip drywall and install better insulation?

Who does Reserve Studies in Iowa?

Are there companies in Iowa that do reserve studies?

Need an HOA Loan?

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