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Ex-military condo president runs association like an army barrack

The situation is the following; when the term for our association president was close to up, he switched places with association vice president, so that he could run again. He does not apply our own condo association bylaws fairly and equally.


6 Crucial Security Flaws That Every HOA Needs To Pay Attention To

There are many things that your HOA should take care of, and security is perhaps one of the most important of them all. But there are many security flaws that HOAs do not take into account. If you learn what they are, and why they are important, then your entire community can be safer.


How can we run our HOA this poorly?

I called the HOA treasurer (or so called) to ask why I had not received my annual billing for $150.00 for my HOA and asked when the meeting was. She said she just hasn't gotten to it yet this year. Usually sent in December, now almost March. She also stated that they didn't have a meeting last year and are not sure that they will have one this year. They had one a couple of years ago and only two people showed up. I have never received an HOA budget, or any paperwork.

Can a HOA really be run so poorly with no meetings, no budget and collect dues just any time they want?

She seems like a nice lady, but really how can this be acceptable.

How could condo board not warn us of assessment for repairs?

I moved into my condo a year ago and was elected to the condo board a month ago. The seller of my condo paid approximately $14K in special assessments at closing for two separate repair projects. Now the condo board is advising the other board members that a $600K "cost overrun" special assessment must be levied against all association members. Is this common and/or legal? Shouldn't we expect the board to have known about these additional costs when the work was being done? Note, both projects have been finished for at least two years now.


Can our condo association get a non-profit certification?

I was recently put on my condominium's condo association board.  We are considered a not-for-profit condominium association, and I'm wondering about the non-profit status.  Are we able to get a certificate that states that we are a non-profit?  I am trying to get some donations from the local merchants, and most want a copy of something that states we are a non-profit.  Our lawyer doesn't seem to know of any official form.  My old job had a 501c3 form, but that was a different type of non-profit.  Philadelphia, PA.

Top 8 things your HOA should cover

HOAs and owners are like the government and its tax-paying citizens.  What does an HOA cover? There are certain things owners should be responsible and there are other things that the HOA should be responsible for.  Here are the top 8 things an HOA should cover:


How to get out of a condo association?

Can we get out of our condo association?  We have been living in a condo association for ten years in Florida and condo living is not for us.  We have 16 units and are not professionally managed.  Our condo board is irresponsible and the association is under-funded.  I think our condo association board has ran maybe five or six meetings in those 10 years and they were not run professionally.  Secondly, our condo neighbors are not interested in the operations of the association.


How can condo board selectively enforce rules?

I have lived in a four building 48 unit condominium for the past nine years. The condo board and management seem to enforce the rules to select owners; the condo board did a walk around and sent violation letters to 24 owners or two buildings.


When to self-manage your HOA vs. hiring a property manager?

I am wondering about the decision to self-manage versus hiring a property manager. Is there a certain size condo association that self-management does not make sense? My experience is that smaller properties (3-10 units) can self-manage no problem and hiring a property manager is not necessary. I have also see much larger associations (~100+ units) that I would expect to hire a prop mgr self-manage. I am interested to hear others perspective and experience on the matter.


Condo budgets: what goes into the miscellaneous category?

Each year our condo board of directors submits a budget for the following fiscal year. However, I have noticed that during that budget year, there are some categories such as pool management, miscellaneous, pool payroll, in which the condo board is not properly disclosing their spending expenditures, according to the budget as presented to the homeowners.


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