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    How to handle roof damage?

    Storm damaged condo roof, while roofers where repairing they ripped my compressor out and roofed over the line. The HVAC guys wont cut a hole without HOA approval . HOA says I have to submit a proposal and they have 90 days to review meanwhile the temp is above 90 degrees in my condo making me ill. How do I navigate through this? Should I get an attorney at this point?

    Condo association board is choosing sides

    Some homeowners got together because they did not agree with the house rules. They notified only 13 out of 24 owners to do an emergency election and took over the bank account, closed it and are spreading damaging lies about the former President of the condo association. What can the old board do to fight back.

    Condo board operating out of private residence

    How can condo owners prevent the new board from holding our annual meetings in a private residence? Former annual meetings were held in a common area of our building or in the prior management company's conference room (across the street from the property). Several owners complained about holding our meeting a private residence, but the Board refused to change the location.

    How can we finance earthquake insurance?

    Our condo building in California has an earthquake insurance policy. This policy has a deductible of 20% of the total building construction cost, which makes it a very large number of approximately $44,000 per unit. The board is now considering canceling the policy all together because of the concern that if something major were to happen people will not have required money to put in. Can we somehow force owners to buy their own policy to cover this deductible? Can we legally buy individual policies for those that don't have them on their behalf and pass on the cost to them? Can we increase our dues and buy personal policies for everyone?


    Any legal cases stemming from Florida House Bill 1237?

    Has there been any criminal penalty cases addressed since HB 1237 was put into law for BOD withholding Association's Official Records upon owners written requests sent certified request?

    What are the requirements for handicapped parking spaces?

    Each unit in our condo has an attached garage and a separate driveway. Given that, what are the requirements for handicapped parking? In addition to the driveways, we have another 200 parking spots - more than the number of units - and very close to the units. There is ample handicapped parking for the pool and clubhouse.

    Is our HOA board legitimate?

    I live in a 28 unit HOA in California. Per our Bylaws, each of our three directors stands for election in June. Several of our owners asked the board to conduct an election, and they failed to respond to the request. Since their terms of office have expired, do the three board members still have the authority to conduct business for the HOA and enforce rules?

    Who is responsible for replacing condo building mailboxes?

    Our condo building consists of 53 units. Only four units are occupied year round (beach resort area). There are two banks of mailboxes, most of which are seldom used and are in bad shape. Is the Association responsible for the replacement and maintenance of these mailboxes? Who is responsible for replacement of mailbox locks?

    Our property manager controls the HOA board nominations committee

    Is it in the best interests of a community to let our property management company handle our Nominations Committee? It is my belief that this a bad decision on the part of our board. Two years prior to this decision we were a community run organization. We now have a group of relatively new homeowners who were elected to the board that decided for the community that we needed a property management company. As homeowners we were never given an opportunity to weigh in on that decision. Since being hired by the board the property management company has aggressively been taking over responsibilities that were previously handled by community members. A property management company has no stake in the community.

    Should HOA board members have keys to units and common areas?

    Our Association is in Florida. As a best practice should board members have access to building keys that owners do not, such as roof, utility, individual units or should only the property management company and maintenance personnel have access to these keys?

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