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Does your HOA need a loan?

Can condo board hold meetings 30 minutes away?

Can BOD change the shareholders meeting location from across the street to association's club house to a 30 minute drive Shareholders must take?

When HOA rules are not enforced

What is the management suppose to do when shareholders complain the Governing Rules are NOT BEING ENFORCED?

Obviously the BOD has breached their duty and responsibility to shareholders inasmuch as not seeing that management company enforces the rules - as is the Board's obligation to members and residents - what is the responsibility of our management company in this case? The management company is under contract to ENFORCE COVERING RULES?

Governing your condo association or HOA

What responsibility or action should our association's management company take when shareholder's continuing complaints to ENFORCE GOVERNING RULES - BYLAWS - RULES & REGULATIONS - FLORIDA STATUES are I. G. N. O. R. E. D and complaints fall on deaf ears. This includes contacting the representing attorney for the association who replies as:


Our Building Property Manager replied to my last complaint as.:

"the management company: "takes orders/directions from the BOARD OF DIRECTORS".

What is the protocol the our management company to do when they have BREACHED the CONTRACT with my Association as to carry our and enforce ALL ASSOCIATION'S LAWs & RULES when've their excuse is : " THE BOARD DID NOT DIRECT ME TO DO SO???


This is for the representing counsel of our association - as to the rules that are unattended - not enforced - carried out - not abided- ignored- broken -

.. Missing unit numbers as required in the concrete slabs to identify ASSIGNED/RESERVED PARKING (blank slabs)

.. ASSIGNED parking not observed as to Declaration Exhibit "A" page 296 (Vice President belongs in spot 401 and picked prime location right in front of our building - the V.P. Of fiduciary responsibility entrusted to enforce laws - not break them)

.. NO early move-in to unit prior to owner living in unit for 12 months (105-206-208-209-304-506-601-602-604-701 -all early move in and some not screened/background check)

.. ALL cars to display Decal to be placed in car windshield (to signify passenger has been approved to reside in community - and allow residence to feel some sort of security)

..HANDICAP PARKING (3 spaces) (70 units plus need for visitors)

INSTRUCTIONS POSTED to all residents by Board of Directors:
"These spaces are designated for TEMPORARY use for the handicap for unloading, drop off, and for handicap visitors. these areas ARE NOT TO. BE CONSIDERED AS PERMANENT PARKING AREAS, and NOT TO BE USED FOR OVERNIGHT PARKING".

The Board and Management have breached this utmost important rule and have allowed the same two cars to use the same two handicap spots 24/7 INCLUDING OVERNIGHT as if, these two spaces were their own private space!

..Board of Directors have allowed ONE investor to purchase SIX (6) units all in our one building and turned our association into a FIFTY (50) PERCENT RATIO of RENTALS

Board of Directors purchased unit 308 - and rented out (renter had a dog - against rules (note: thus dog was not a need for therapy/service- emotional needs )

Board of Directors allowed person to move into unit 508 emotional needs

Board of Directors allowed owner of unit 208 to sell to investor - (the same investor as owning the other 6 units) owner received a buy out price in the amount of $115,00 but,,,,,,,,, thus owner REMAINED IN UNIT 208 for ANOTHER 11 months - the board worked it out to have this owner PAY THE MONTHLY MAINTENANCE FEES directly to the management company and listed the owner's name in the lobby directory as OWNER to hide and cover up to shareholders the Board of Director's

..i often think of how this attorney who writes: " THE BOD IS Following ALL ASSOCIATION'S RULES ", how she could possibly defend these out right BREACHES to the Association, the shareholders and have defrauded their duty and responsibility as to their fiduciary oath taken.

Question: What is the responsibility of our management company who has a CONTRACT with the Association (the shareholders are the Association) that works for a Board of Directors who do not follow our laws themselves - and who do not dictate to management to ENFORCE THE ASSOCIATION'S RULES and LAWS OF THE STATE?

Thank you for your response, much appreciated.

Can our condo association go smoke free?

How can we legally go to a smoke free condo? One resident continues to smoke in his unit and smells up the hallway

Our handicap association's parking rules

Our Association rules (were never amended - never had a REQUIRED 2/3 approval vote to change rule- from shareholders ) as required in governing documents.


Will FEMA help clean up our hurricane mess?

We had extensive amount of cleanup from the Hurricane in Fort Myers, Florida. Many large trees toppled and some fell on some units. Will FEMA help out a condo association?

HOA has more cars than parking spaces

Can the BOD take away parking spaces or assign the allowed numbered per unit based on numbered of registered cars? We have a 262 unit HOA but not enough spaces. Lately it has become more of a problem. According to bylaws the spaces are a common element. Everyone used to enjoy 2 spaces per unit even though we were short since being built in 1988 and at that time units owners were told the spaces were based on number of bedrooms. Now even if you have an empty spot in your town home building, no tag means being towed and visitors need to fight for 20 overflow parking. Can this be done? Or is the board abusing their power?

What to do about rat holes on our HOA property?

We noticed our association placing rat traps recently. We have now seen rat holes in our front yard, right next to the house. We have also seen rats on our deck. We have had the County come out to confirm that holes were from rats. The community association did not send out notices about this problem or the traps being set. We have pets and the community is full of children that play in the common areas. My question is, should we have been notified?

Favoritism by HOA board members

Nothing but negative experiences with HOA Board. The Board decided to designate parking spaces. Besides the obvious favoritism, I asked how the spaces were assigned....is there a formula? Was it in accordance to unit placement? She had no answer for how spaces were allocated. Here's the thing, her and I have units no more than 5ft away from one another, yet her parking space is prime property, front row and closest to the entrance....but my space is not even close to my unit, opposite side of lot. It's unfair and obvious favoritism. What can I do? Also, isn't it a conflict of interest if she is the "janitorial" fee on fiscal budget, which is $7,000 per year for 2 hourrs per weekend every week to pick up trash with a grabber. Is this legal?

We did all this work in our storage area and condo board took it away

Purchased a condo in Sept, 2017. We called property manager to find out where our storage unit was. She marked it on the side of the door and also the door was marked but hard to see. The storage unit was larger than the other ones, but there were 2- 330 gallon oil tanks in there along with shower, toilet, urinal and sink. My husband called the property manager and asked what do we do with tanks and leaks in toilet. Her response was: its yours and whatever is in there you own. The association will not give you any money to do anything in there. My husband spent 3 weeks fixing that area. Took out oil tanks, removed urinal, fixed leaks in toilet and pulled up all old tile with much difficulty. Fixed walls with mud and sanding and painting walls and ceiling. Took down partitions. Hard Hard Work! Now the board calls a meeting and says we are going to be moved to an area that is the same as everyone else. We did everything right and feel we should stay where we did all the work. They did say give us receipts for everything done but my husband did it all. Intensive labor HELP!

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