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Who removes tree roots, HOA or owner?

Who is responsible for tree roots from a tree that were there when I bought unit. Termites had entered inside baseboards of solarium. Old rooted wood discovered from a leak that started outside. Tree was removed 8 yrs ago because close to foundation 20 year old Crepe Myrtle. A lot going on. Please help answer.

Does HOA budget require reserves?

Does the budget from a condo or HOA require a line for reserves?

Condo board is too autocratic

If a board makes decisions based on personal interest, what friends may mention and like, without regard for residents of their issues, is that legal? Should a board also get input from unit owners, say, in a voting process? What happens, I think, is that board members become autocratic and do whatever they decide. What about the people who pay to live there? At times it seems they are disregarded. Is there a way to fix this, go to the owners, encourage voting on how monies are spent?

Noise in condo association from renovations

Unit attached to mine has been doing a complete renovation for over 6 months now. It is everyday even on weekends. Sometimes Sundays.  There has been construction nuisances, such as, noise, cars, trucks, dumpsters being parked on both sides of the street. Sometimes making it very difficult to get to my driveway. I have contacted the board, while they have sympathy for me, they say nothing can be done because we have no rules regarding length of time of construction. There is a rule that no homeowner has the right to interfere with another's right to quiet enjoyment of their property. Since it has been 6 months everyday, do you think this rule should apply. Thank you in advance for input.

Is HOA responsible for vehicle damage?

Is the HOA responsible for damage to my vehicle if is parked in a gated garage?

Disappearance Of HOA Income Into Thin Air

Our Board adopted our 2018 Budget in December 2017.
And an annual income budget item in it was identified as $4,320. However, it should have been $6,480, and unit owners started to send in their assessments for that income budget item at a rate of $45.00 per month.

It follows that at the end of 2018, unit owners will have paid in $6,480 as income but only $4,320 will have been recorded as income in the 2018 Audit so as to agree with the income of $4,320 identified in the 2018 Budget. And effectively $2,160 will have disappeared into thin air.

And my questions are "Where could the $2,160 be found in financials or whatever?" And "Should our 2018 Budget be amended and how?" And "Who will be at fault - our management company, or our Board that adopted the 2018 Budget?"

Can we lock in funds for specific condo association projects?

If we do a special assessment for our roofs is that money protected under law until we do the work? We are worried that the future board may spend it on other projects.

Who is responsible for termite repair?

I have a water leak from the flashing above the solarium sun room. it has leaked down to the hole from outside on near ground that was caused by previous termite damage, that was not visible, and after the baseboards were removed on the inside and part of the wall was removed to check for mold visa lie in corner of wall. Who is responsible for the termite damage on the inside and the wall drywall repair? The outside leak repair will be done by HOA not inside as I was told by manager,

How associations account for unplanned income 

We are located in IL. Does anyone have any advice or references for how to account for unplanned income as a result of fees collected throughout the year? We have rules for collecting a fee for move ins and for late assessments.

Should these be treated as operating income, or can we transfer them to our reserve fund? At the end of the year we are required to return budget surplus to the owners, so we are trying to understand if this unplanned income would be considered "budget surplus".

Move in fee rule language:
"There is a $500.00 fee for moving in that is non-refundable to cover cleaning and future re-keying of the building. Any damage incurred during the move will be assessed and additional fees will be charged based on repair costs. "

Thanks for your opinions.

There is settling in our condo building

There is settling occurring in our 1946 condo building. It is causing un-levelness in the floors of the first floor unit (the second floor unit has some sloping, but not as severe as the first floor), with minor buckling of the floors. The unit sits right over the boiler that sits in the basement and as such has enclosed ceilings with fire proofing so we can't inspect the joists.


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