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Is this how we elect HOA board members?

I am president of our association and last year one board member was removed from his post and was replaced with the next person with the most amount of votes from the election. The position she filled is up next year. Two of the board members want her to run again this year and I think because she was the one next in line she should be able to fill out the remainder of the term. I would like a quick response as we are having our general meeting in less then a week. Thanks for listening to my complaint.


Our HOA takes votes by email

Our board and management company is discussing situations and taking votes by email. I know Florida statutes made this illegal in 2010. Has this changed and can votes now be made by email? I understand the ease and less time spent for meetings. However, the decisions would not be recorded in minutes or open for all owners to hear.

I really want an HOA election by secret ballot!

If the HOA election was conducted without a secret ballot and the management company with the HOA were warned to cancel the election but they did it anyway what recourse do owners have to request a recall the election results and request a legal secret ballot?

Did we run out HOA election process correctly?

We just had our annual meeting. When it was time for election of officers, we were given sheets with the names the Nomination Committee nominated. We were asked to circle the names of two because there were two openings. After we circled the names, we were asked to put our Unit number on the ballot and pass them to the persons who counted. I thought ballots were to remain confidential. It is obvious that whomever wanted to could see who voted for whom. Comments please.

How involved in HOA elections should property management be?

Do management companies have rights to participate in the election process of the Board members? Do they have rights to oversee the proxies and their content before the election?

Who votes to break HOA board tie?

We have seven board members. One resigns. A new canidate was selected. The board voted three yes and three no. Who breaks the tie?

How many votes do you get if you own 3 units?

If an individual owns 3 units, how many votes are they entitled to at the annual meeting?


Electing a board member with a quorum in FL

To elect a member to the board under new Florida ruling FS 720.307, do we need a certain percentage of the community to vote to reach a quorum?


Fired trustee won't sign letter to record new trustee

I live in a 3-unit condo complex in Massachusetts and am one of two trustees.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a scheduled condo meeting and the other trustee was voted off and fired as a trustee. The third owner was voted in as a new trustee.


Can condo managers get involved in association board elections?

Although Florida has lengthy State Condo rules and regulations, many are subject to ambiguity and decisions are varied by many attorneys. Here is a question. There is a small divisive group here that is attempting to turn a well run Resident management and



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