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Condo association elections - don't we all get one vote each?

I am new to a condo board in New York. I was appointed by the president, however we are now having an election. The condo association has not had one in many years. The property manager is telling us that each house gets five votes. He explains the owner can vote one vote per person running or give all five votes to one person, this doesn't sound right to me. We have seven people running and there are only five positions, isn't it logical to give each house five votes to fill those five spots, but shouldn't we only be allowed to give one individual one vote a piece?

Newly elected HOA board member quits.  What's next?

Four days after our annual board elections a newly elected member cedes his position to the runner up. Is there protocol that we should follow? There is nothing in the by laws about this issue.

HOA elections practice is questioned

For the last two elections,  our HOA has taken to nominating the same number of candidates as there are positions open, then announcing at the annual meeting that there are no nominations or voting necessary, as they have the required number of candidates to fill the open slots. Is this legal, and/or how can it be challenged?

Quorum requirement for a condo council of members' annual/election meeting: Which one rules?

Which is right for a quorum?

1. A State condominium statute states: "Unless the bylaws provide otherwise, a quorum is deemed present throughout any meeting of the council of unit owners if persons entitled to cast 25 percent of the total number of votes appurtenant to all units are present in person or by proxy."


2. A condo's bylaws state: "Except as may otherwise be provided herein or by statute, votes appurtenant to units constituting at least a majority of the votes appurtenant to all units shall constitute a quorum for the adoption of decisions."

Is the quorum requirement 1. 25 percent or 2. A majority of condo unit owners?

How many HOA units do we need for a quorum?

We are in Florida.  We are having a meeting to vote for a new board. There are only eight units. How many unit owners do we need to have a quorum

How does our condo association define a quorum?

We have an election on January 14th for the condo board. Bylaws say we need 40% quorum - number of voters to vote. However condo docs say 20%. Which one is correct? 

Outside attorney involved in co-op elections

I live in a Connecticut coop. Our attorney had to assist in our election where a new president was voted in. Its been 2 weeks and the old president has not signed over the accounts. The attorney said he would speak with her but has not gotten back to the board. Its clear that the attorney is not looking out for the best interest for the coop but what can we do as a board to make the old president sign over the accounts and all the coop's documents? Should we ask the help of the Attorney General?


Can we nominate more condo association board members?

I am on the nominating committee for the next board selection. There are two openings. Do we only name two for nominating, or can we recommend more, therefore giving the association a choice?

How to elect New York HOA board members?

How do HOA Board members elect officers among themselves in a NY State Condo?


Is this how we elect HOA board members?

I am president of our association and last year one board member was removed from his post and was replaced with the next person with the most amount of votes from the election. The position she filled is up next year. Two of the board members want her to run again this year and I think because she was the one next in line she should be able to fill out the remainder of the term. I would like a quick response as we are having our general meeting in less then a week. Thanks for listening to my complaint.


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