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    HOA deletes candidate election information

    During the election process can the management company and the HOA eliminate the statement of one of the candidate data sheet from circulation leaving only the name of the owner on the proxy? What rights do they have to eliminate data and what recourse does the owner has to recall the election? Besides, the proxy stated that the onsite manager that is not a resident of the condo and is not an owner will be the agent for the proxies. Is this proxy considered to be a valid and legal document for the election?
    What should be an action plan for the owner to recall the election?

    Chicago condo owner tries to rally neighbors before election

    I live in a large condo complex in Chicago, IL. Recently, we had elections for two board of directors positions. I decided to place my name for the elections. I had some issues with the present board president and decided to run. I remember on several occasions, our property manager, would often indicate that if you are unhappy with your board, then run when the next election comes up. I was so determined to get elected, that I created a master proxy and voting sheet for homeowners to sign. This was a lot easier to have to deal with individual forms provided by the property management. The form clearly indicated the intention of both nominating and voting for me. The homeowners that signed the form clearly understood what they were signing. When it was time to present my signatures at the election meeting, I was informed that the signatures were invalid, since I did not use the proper forms provided. The board must have learned that I was going to run for a board position, and learned of what I was doing, getting signatures prior to the election. The board had present our condo attorney, who indicated that the signatures would not be counted. I am very disappointed. What is so different from petition forms that our city officials use to get their name on the ballot? I used the same format that not only nominated me, but also cast a vote for me. Have other condo associations experienced what happened to me? Was the board correct in their decision not recognizing my voting ballot master form? Your responses would be greatly appreciated.

    How to run an HOA election?

    Proper way to recruit people to service on the board and the correct details for the voting process. What is the right way to vote a board member for another term when you don't have a quorum?

    Condo association elections - don't we all get one vote each?

    I am new to a condo board in New York. I was appointed by the president, however we are now having an election. The condo association has not had one in many years. The property manager is telling us that each house gets five votes. He explains the owner can vote one vote per person running or give all five votes to one person, this doesn't sound right to me. We have seven people running and there are only five positions, isn't it logical to give each house five votes to fill those five spots, but shouldn't we only be allowed to give one individual one vote a piece?

    Newly elected HOA board member quits.  What's next?

    Four days after our annual board elections a newly elected member cedes his position to the runner up. Is there protocol that we should follow? There is nothing in the by laws about this issue.

    HOA elections practice is questioned

    For the last two elections,  our HOA has taken to nominating the same number of candidates as there are positions open, then announcing at the annual meeting that there are no nominations or voting necessary, as they have the required number of candidates to fill the open slots. Is this legal, and/or how can it be challenged?

    Quorum requirement for a condo council of members' annual/election meeting: Which one rules?

    Which is right for a quorum?

    1. A State condominium statute states: "Unless the bylaws provide otherwise, a quorum is deemed present throughout any meeting of the council of unit owners if persons entitled to cast 25 percent of the total number of votes appurtenant to all units are present in person or by proxy."


    2. A condo's bylaws state: "Except as may otherwise be provided herein or by statute, votes appurtenant to units constituting at least a majority of the votes appurtenant to all units shall constitute a quorum for the adoption of decisions."

    Is the quorum requirement 1. 25 percent or 2. A majority of condo unit owners?

    How many HOA units do we need for a quorum?

    We are in Florida.  We are having a meeting to vote for a new board. There are only eight units. How many unit owners do we need to have a quorum

    How does our condo association define a quorum?

    We have an election on January 14th for the condo board. Bylaws say we need 40% quorum - number of voters to vote. However condo docs say 20%. Which one is correct? 

    Outside attorney involved in co-op elections

    I live in a Connecticut coop. Our attorney had to assist in our election where a new president was voted in. Its been 2 weeks and the old president has not signed over the accounts. The attorney said he would speak with her but has not gotten back to the board. Its clear that the attorney is not looking out for the best interest for the coop but what can we do as a board to make the old president sign over the accounts and all the coop's documents? Should we ask the help of the Attorney General?


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