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How do HOA board elections work?

I do not see this detailed in Florida 718 statutes anywhere. For a Board member annual vote - who chooses which Board member will vote the proxy docs received? The same Board member is always given this task and Im wondering if this is a President assignment - or is it a position? or can the Board decide who to give the proxy voting to? I understand that it has to be a Board member? But how do we decide which Board member?

Can I be my wife's proxy to the condo association board?

My wife and I bought a condo in Florida and she is the only one on the deed. How can I participate in the Condo Association discussions, deliberations, etc.? Can she "appoint" me to act on her behalf?

POA owners name relatives as voting proxy for board meetings

In an upcoming Annual Owners Meeting the Board has received two requests to name a relative as their proxy to vote at the meeting. Each named relative holds Durable Power of Attorney for the Owner. Does that POA constitute authority to hold the Proxy for Owner? Our Bylaws are only specific to the point: Only a condominium Owner in good standing may hold a Proxy for another Owner. Condo complex located Rockport, Texas

Can property manager participate in HOA elections?

Can a manager of a management company be appointed to collect proxies for the election of new board members? The manager is not a resident or an owner of the condo. Manager is an employee of the management company and works in our community. Can the manager collect all the open ballots/proxies before the election day? What is the law?

How does HOA decide who is President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer?

How do the board members vote for officers President, VP President Secretary & Treasurer

Can condo manager tally election results offsite?

We are a 78 unit condo development in NYC. Our condo is about to hold an election but instead of counting the votes during our annual meeting our Board of Managers has made the decision that the votes will be tallied offsite at the office of the Management company. Previously, the votes were counted during the meeting as it states in the "order of Business" section of our bylaws. Last year they had the votes counted at the management company but we ended up with the same exact Board (person whose term was up got reelected). They never gave us a count and we never received any minutes from the meeting. Our Board of Managers aren't the most trustworthy group of people and we have one Board member who is the typical bully. My question is, shouldn't we follow the "order of business" as it is outlined in our bylaws? It reads ..."election of managers (in the event there is an election)". doesn't that mean you elect the managers at the meeting?

What questions to ask condo association board candidates during elections?

We have problems with 2 out of 3 board members overspending the budget and do not want to be accountable to the homeowners or answer simple questions. They don't want the board meetings be open to the homeowners and refuse to walk around the complex to see damages first hand. This Sunday one board member is up to re-election (which we do not feel she has enough votes to stay in). A lot of people want to recall the president and have others run against her.


When does condo board term end?

I am president of our Condo Association. We have an election coming up next month. One of the board members was dismissed and was filled in with the next person with the most votes. Several board members want this member to run again this year. The term she is filling is for two years. There is still one year left. I don't believe she has to run again until next year?


Our property manager controls the HOA board nominations committee

Is it in the best interests of a community to let our property management company handle our Nominations Committee? It is my belief that this a bad decision on the part of our board. Two years prior to this decision we were a community run organization. We now have a group of relatively new homeowners who were elected to the board that decided for the community that we needed a property management company. As homeowners we were never given an opportunity to weigh in on that decision. Since being hired by the board the property management company has aggressively been taking over responsibilities that were previously handled by community members. A property management company has no stake in the community.

Did we run our condo board election correctly?

Our condo in Maryland last week held its 2017 annual election. There were four candidates and two director positions to be filled.

One candidate received more votes than any of the other four candidates.

Two other candidates received the next highest numbers of votes and they tied for votes. The third candidate received very few votes and would not have been elected because his election message was increases in monthly assessment were needed to replenish the Condo's Replacement Reserves that had been used to pay for operating expenses, so that those Reserves were owed - according to the last audit - tens of thousands of dollars.

The Condo's Property Manager said another election must be held immediately to break the tie vote but that election would be between just three of the candidates out of the four. And the candidate who received the fewest number of votes was excluded from the second vote.

The second vote was carried out and this time there wasn't a tie between the two candidates who were previously tied. Not incidentally, the two candidates who were elected were the Condo's President and Treasurer who were up for re-election.

Nothing is said in our Condo's Bylaws or in the Maryland Condominium Act - and as far as I can make out in Robert's Rules - about this situation of a tie vote occurring. And questions are: 1. "Was this election legal?" 2. "Should the second vote have occurred at a future date instead of immediately after the first vote?" And 3. "Is their any basis for another vote or is it too late as the meeting occurred four days ago?"

A quorum was present throughout the meeting and at least two proxies were present at the meeting. It was not clear to me afterwards that the proxies could be used for voting for directors. I objected to the procedure carried out by our Property Manager because I had never heard of such a procedure.

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