There's much more going on with this condo association

We only have three members on the board. One has resigned with only one month to go the other is resigning with three years to go. His position is up for election along 

Can condo board install co-presidents to share responsibilities?

Some condo owners would like to remove the president from the board. However, not one is willing to become president. Can a board have a co-presidents? I would be willing to share duties with another owner, but do not have the time to takeover. Florida.

What are the regulations for HOA board re-elections in North Carolina?

I'm part of the Board of a Homeowners Association. We would like to know what are the regulations in North Carolina for re-election of the board. Can we request secret ballots?


How to ensure owner stays off of the condo board

Chicago Illinois - A Board member was voted off the Board by 100% of the Owners. Can that Owner run again for the Board? Can she get on the Board by default - meaning no on else wants to run again, so she can automatically become a Board member with out any votes ? The Association does not want that Owner as a Board member. She is not qualified. How can we keep her off the Board without running into any legal problems? Thank you to anyone who can help.

Illegal Florida HOA election reported to the state

Board member in Florida HOA counted votes in last election against Florida state administrative code. I filed a complaint with DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL REGULATION DIVISION OF FLORIDA LAND SALES, CONDOMINIUMS AND MOBILE HOMES where fines could be $5,000 and possible jail time if intent willfulness, etc... could be shown to be true in real serious cases, but the state takes this type of behavior very serious according to the ombudsman.

Are association board term limits same for commercial businesses?

In Florida, at a condo with bylaws with term limits for board members. One unit is the largest and pays very high maintenance, it is a commercial a high end law firm, the unit is owned by the legal corporation. The partners take turns being on the board, such that one is always on.  I assume because they want control of what is a business expense to them. Owners vote them on because as high powered attorneys, they seem like good leaders. Since the unit is owned by the corporation, does the term limit apply to the unit, or can the partners keep taking terms at serving as president to ensure their business goals?

Do all condo owners need to vote on raising fees?

Do all condo owners not have to vote on the amount of an increase in condo fees? A recent increase we received was 19% which I think is unreasonable.

Can board president fire employee without directors' vote?

Can an association president fire a grounds employee without a full vote of all directors?  The board is 98 percent Canadians and the president only has selected members to vote on it. Is a vote from all 9 board members required? I am in Florida.

How does voting by proxy work for HOA?

If you're voting for the election of officers of the board by proxy I understand if you give the proxy to the secretary to cast your vote of course they would have to know who you are voting for. If you give your proxy to another homeowner, does the secretary still have the right to see who you are voting for ahead of time or do you just give them a copy of the proxy for verification on who is going to do your voting for you?

Can HOA board members stay on past their term?

Regarding annual elections. We have 5 board members that have exceeded their terms. They have been on the board over 4 years. I am the President of the association and requested that this year elections to be held this October are to re-run if they choose too, otherwise they will be succeeded by those who the homeowners elected. Our by-laws state, in any event at least one third of the terms of the board members of Managers shall expire annually. In our case 5 board member exceeded their 3 year terms. The 5 board members are contesting it, and said I can not do this. Please give your opinion on this matter, we are in New York.


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