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    Next door neighbor complains about smell of cigar smoke

    My neighbor's wife makes him smoke his nightly smelly cigars on the lanai which then infiltrates my condo.  I have to close my sliders and light an incense stick due to the vile odor. While I appreciate he has the right to smoke in his own home, do I have any recourse to make him do it somewhere else?


    How long can woman use handicap parking space?

    Our condominium has 24 units and one handicapped parking space. How long can a resident with a handicap license park in this space? She is recovering from a foot injury and wants to park there all the time. Are there regulations regarding this?

    Woman locks herself in condo with no plumbing or running water

    I own a condo with my sister in Florida. She doesn't have plumbing or running water. She lives in the condo and I live in NY. She keeps changing the locks and never lets anyone enter the unit to build the bathroom. Can the association gain access with my permission? Thank you

    Dog owner has issue with cat owner in HOA

    I am a condo owner, living in New Hampshire. Problem: rules, regulations and bylaws/violations.


    Condo neighbor's parking obstucts sidewalk access

    I live in a condo in Ohio. I do not have direct access to my unit. The neighbor who has the first garage pulls up to the garage and over to the lawn blocking my access to the sidewalk; making me walk down the drive to the lawn area and I need to walk on the lawn to the sidewalk to my unit. The association tells me there is no rule on how anyone parks. This has been going on for more than 6 months. I'm 65 and walk with a cane.

    Should HOA give a discount to a disabled resident

    Should an HOA give a discount to a disabled resident who does not have access to an amenity because of a disability? People who are paralyzed can use a pool if it is accessible, but what if its not? If the building is newer it is illegal that it is not accessible. It might be a reasonable accommodation under FHA (instead of retrofitting to make it accessible in an older building) to just not charge the person with the disability a fee for something they can't use. Of course if it is accessible, they should be charged the fee even if they choose not to use it. Buildings open to occupancy after March 13, 1991 need to meet full accessibility laws, but older buildings only need to modify facilities and practices within reason even if it doesn't meet current accessibility requirements. This would be for a unit with no residents that could use the facility and would also give up any right to guest use.

    Condo board tries to increase owner occupancy

    Are rules adopted by the board, legally binding, per owners renting units. We have set a moratorium on buying, then renting units, we are well over the 10%?

    How many handicap spaces is condo building required to have?

    Is there a certain amount of handicap spaces that should be designated for a condo building of 124 occupants, also is it legal to assign a hp spaces to owners in the building.

    Property manager stops kids from moving into mom's condo

    My 86 year old mother has owned a condo for 10 years. Since her health is deteriorating she has asked my wife and I to move in with her. The Property Management company made us fill out an application and then rejected us because our credit score is under 700. We are not renting or purchasing, simply family members moving in with Mom. The By-Laws clearly state that family may occupy an owners condo. What can we do?

    Renter's service dog keeps condo owners up at night

    There is a renter who has a service dog for her daughter who is autistic It barks day and night, I have been sleeping on my couch for 4 weeks, it has been a problem since Jan, the board and property management have not helped me.  Have also called local PD , don't know what to do next.  We have three units in a building, one unit has renters with a dog that starts barking around 4 or 5am. I have called the police dept 4 times, left two polite notes, reported it to the board, but nothing is being done, I have to move from my bed to the couch every morning, the Property Manager and Board say they are trying to find out the owner and tenants name. this has been a three mo problem what kind I do, I am getting the run around our village guidelines state such animals that cause a nuisance or disturbance shall be removed after three days written by the board, no one cares, its been over three months, tough to go to work under such circumstances, help!

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