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Is owner getting over-charged on late condo fees?

My condo just got replaced with a new Management company and they replaced the the whole entire Board of Directors which were condo owners. Maybe due to inappropriate financial misplaced funds? And being that this condo has not been updated in the past 40 years? Last year I fell behind on my maintenance payments and had to go to Legal Aid once a lien was placed on my condo by the older Board Of Directors. So I was placed on a plan to pay back my arrears. Looking at the account status dated back March of 2013 through Jan 2017 I see payments with late fee's and interest that were placed in the billings, but I had till the 10th of every month to pay without getting any late fees. So my belief is while I was paying on time which I can show proof, they may have deposited my payments late and charged me the $25 late fee and interest. What should I do to recover or credit that back to me. Now with this new Management Company, who do I place this discrepancy to and re-evaluate this theory that I have about these payments.

If condo association can't produce condo fee do I have to pay it?

We have a new condo association but have not received a condo fee bill since the five months we closed on our unit.  Every time that I ask where the bill is? They reply its coming. Am I still liable for these condo fees?

Should HOA charge me for documents I need?

I asked for a few documents, receipts, 4 altogether, from a few years ago, which by law in Illinois I am entitled to review. I am informed there would be a $50 fee each way for each box, to and from, to receive these documents. The property manager is saying "pull boxes" so I assume one for each year, so $200 total. that I would have to pay. Does that seem reasonable?

Can condo association waive fees?

A unit owner in our complex has asked the following: Will the association waive quarterly fees since the condo is not rebuilt and cleared for occupancy due to the hurricane? I say NO WAIVER. What are your thoughts? 

Delinquent HOA owner owes $30K

I have owned a condo in a 74 unit community for 3 years joining the board 1 year ago. The property is approx 40 years old and has always been self-manged by a volunteer board. Unfortunately, it has been mismanaged for many years and there are to many issues to address in one post. The biggest issue I am having a very hard time with one owner that has not paid her hoa fees to the tune of $30k. The bank has been going to foreclose on her numerous times but she somehow gives them enough to stay. But, never pays any hoa. Our attorney tells us we can’t get anything from her. I can’t rap my head around the fact she is allowed to do such a thing and our past board and attorney have let this happen. Every time I question this situation I get no good answer. Has anyone heard of such a situation and how do we handle it?  Thank you.

I can only pay my condo fee by direct debit

I was just notified that beginning January 1, 2018 I'd have to pay our Condo Management Payment by direct debit only! I've lived here for 18 years and always paid by check,now they say the ONLY method will be direct debit. Is this even legal?

HOA didn't cash my checks on time and tries to charge me late fee

My HOA hired a lawyer to collect late fees they say I owe which is not true. They say that because I was sending the payments to to a PO box and they were late to cash the checks.  Those check were mailed on time. They say they can put a lien on my property.  What should I do?

My condo fee is wrong.  Do I have an obligation to say something?

The developer set the condo fees on my unit much lower than other smaller units in our building, do I have an obligation to make it fair

Can association make me pay one year's condo fees in advance?

I own an older condo in Florida. There are 6 cluster of about 20-30 units, mainly 2 bedrooms and 1 bedrooms.  There are a few 3 bedrooms. My cluster has 2 - 3 bedrooms. I own a 3 bedroom. I lived there for 4 years and was treated very badly by the other owners. I was the youngest at 40. I have an autistic son who is 20 now. They have never liked me I keep to my own and ignore them and do not venture anywhere on property. Even though I pay very high condo fees for the age of the condos. I had to move and live with my older parents and did not have a job because of the economy. I never missed a condo mortgage payment and never a condo fee payment. I rented it out for a 1 year the were very picky of my tenant and made her uncomfortable she moved. I have an new tenant with 3 young kids a very nice young family. Very religious and quiet. They (condo) association made me pay for one year condo fees in advance before they would let them in because they had a foreclosure in the past because of the economy. Is this legal? They also thought that that they could say how many people could live there and the amount of children. This is not a 65 or 55 plus neighborhood.


Does association have to pay condo fees on unit it owns?

If a condo association buys a unit in the community to rent out for income, does the association have to pay a monthly maintenance fee - as all owners are required to pay?

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