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HOA will not send owners fee statement for vacant lots

We have vacant lots in North Florida that have a yearly HOA fee, but the HOA refuses to send a yearly statement. They have no problem sending a late fee notice. Is there anyway to get them to send the yearly statement? 

How to impose late fees on delinquent condo owner?

We have a condo owner who has been consistently late with paying the monthly Condo dues. In Illinois, what percentage late fee can be imposed on delinquent payments?

Do I need to pay HOA fees on my finished basement?

I pay dues by square foot. My basement is finished, carpeting, finished walls, etc.... Do I have to pay dues on the footage of basement?  Michigan

Can Georgia HOA evict delinquent owner?

If a unit owner is up to date with their mortgage payments, insurance and taxes, but are behind in their monthly HOA fees, can the HOA Board force them to pay up or leave? This is in Georgia in a community that is trying to get FHA approval.

How to deal with HOA violations

I am on the board of a homeowners association and we recently had our annual election meeting and the neighbors have canvassed several homeowners to join the board, which is great,but these homeowners have an agenda. They want to be able to out vote the current board on violations. They do not want violations to go out to owners who have not kept their yards up to standard. Our subdivision is 8-10 years old and our driveways are now spaulding and breaking up. Last year the board sent a letter to a few of the home owners and told them that they needed a plan (one year) to fix the cement problem. 25 of 43 homeowners all belong to the same church and the 25 are all rebelling about the violations. These same 25 should not own homes in an HOA, but with 5 new members they can out vote the other 4 board members. The board has worked hard to get this HOA in compliance in the last 9 years and now these 5 want the HOA to stop issuing yard violations. They say that the home owners can't afford to repair their driveways and they want to the board to back off. The other half of the home owners comply to the T with no complaints and are happy with the board. The other home owners do not want their property values to drop. The CCR's do not specifically say anything about driveways and roofs and such, but it does say the home owner is required to keep up the property and to not violate the rules. Those driveways are becoming an eyesore. These same home owners would probably not fix roofs or repair fences if they were issued a violation. What rights does the board have and what can we enforce. This HOA is in Utah.

Can property management company charge late fees?

I've been an owner of a condo for 5 years. The first 3 years no late fees/charges were enforced/charged on monthly maintenance or assessments for being delinquent. I always paid my maintenance between the 15th and 30th of the month with no penalty.

In 2014, A new management company was hired. In mid-2014 I started to receive invoices for $25 late fees on maint. I complained to the new mgmt company and asked if there was a change in late fee policy. They stated that they could handle the question regarding late fees shortly (meaning months) since they were currently going through all of the old condo records.

As of 2016 I have been charged 9 late fees I refuse to pay. The mgmt co sent my account to their attorney, who now seeks $1,200 in fees + the late fees, etc.

I asked the mgmt co what was the policy on enforcing late fees. I explained my situation, and he stated "the authority to enforce or change a policy, especially fees and late charges on maintenance could only be managed/changed by the condo board."

That being said, can the mgmt company legally/legitimately charge late fees if there was never a change in policy from the board and nothing was sent from the mgmt company ?

What's the best way to sue for delinquent HOA fees?

I am a board member of our HOA which consists of 40 homes. Along with a board, we also have a property management. One of our homeowners has not paid their HOA fees in over a year. At our last board meeting it was voted and agreed that I would represent the board and sue the homeowner in small claims. (Our property management wanted to charged, on top of his monthly salary, an additional $60 per hour to represent the HOA) Mr. "Jones" (property management) advised the board that a board member could NOT represent the HOA and that he must be the one to do so. Is this correct or is he simply trying to make more money?

How much time do I get to pay my HOA fees?

I will like to know how many days by law I have to pay my Maintenance & the Special Assessment

How much can board raise maintenance fees?

Our condo association raised our maintenance fees over a certain percentage that is allowed by law. I never got the by-laws of this community. Where can I find that online and is it generic across the board - the percentage they can raise without owners vote?  Florida

Association Charges Late Fee For Missing Monthly Assessment

Payments are made to PO Lock Box. Late Fee is $22. I question the missing monthly payment? No response from Management Co. Each moth after they continue to charge late fees $22 for same missing payment After 6 months late fees total 132 is this Legal or against the law. Every other monthly payment was on time


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