Snowbirds ask for reduction on their condo fees

My husband has Parkinson's and can't tolerate the cold. So we spend eight months every year in Florida, and our New Hampshire condo is completly empty - using no water, sewage or trash at a monthly charge of $23.01  We had asked the board for an six month reduction but were denied.Is there any ruling on this issue?

Can New York condo association revoke parking for delinquent owners?

Board of Managers in a New York Condominium is proposing a rule that if unit owners in arrears in their common charges do not make a payment arrangement, their parking spaces will be revoked.  In our Declaration and by-laws, it states that the parking spaces are limited common elements designated to the restricted in use to the Unit Owners. It also states, that the Board of Managers will have the right to reallocate parking spaces among sold Units with the consent of the affected Unit Owners. The question is, can the Board of Managers adopt and enforce such a Rule?. Is it legal to do so?

Bank fights condo late fees on foreclosed unit

A bank has foreclosed on a mortgage for a condo unit which is 11 months delinquent in paying condo fees. How are late fees to be assessed? The bank is stating that a $25 per month late fee is unlawful. i.e. 11 x $25 for the oldest delinquent fee, 10 x $25 for the next.  Massachusetts. 

Owners owe HOA $11K in fees due to medical issues

We are co-owners of two side by side units on Yaquina Bay on the Oregon coast. We are both disabled. I am in a wheelchair. We have no mortgage on the units, but the HOAs are hurting us. We have owned the units since 2011. The fees are $1,050 month for both units. We have fallen behind in fees mainly medical issues. We are now fixed income. In July 2014 we paid the HOA over $20,000. Now we owe over $11,000 because they pu a lien on the condos, and charged lawyer fees. Their next step is foreclosure. One unit is rented. One empty. Should we hire a lawyer? We don't want to file bankruptcy. Can we sell one unit to pay HOAs in full and continue renting out one? How much time do we have before we have no rights at all. We are so stressed. Cannot afford lawyer unless he takes payments or condo sold. Please HELP!!

Condo owner asks not to pay fees

I have an owner who has moved out and is not renting their unit. Our declaration states that only three units can be rented (total of 18 units). They also have to provide a copy of the lease among a few other things. The person has not denied that they have moved out but has basically asked that the board look the other way until they can sell the unit when the economy turns around. Are there any suggestions on what could be done? has anyone else encountered this problem and what did your condo do? 

Condo board makes landlord pay annual fees upfront

Condo made me pay fees up front for a year to approve my renter. Why can't the condo board approve a tenant in my condo? They made me pay one year in advance fees. even though I have never been behind. If anything I pay in advance monthly. This is in Manatee County Florida an older community 6 clusters of 20-25 condos most are empty throughout year.

We sold condo but got snow removal bill anyway

My husband and I sold our condo on 4/8/2015. Today we received in the mail at our new address an invoice dated 6/1/2015 for "Condo fee for snow removal expense" in the amount of $175.00. Our position is that we don't owe it since it was not presented in the closing documents. We were cleared to close, so our thought it that would not have happened if there were any outstanding fees or assessments due. Are we correct?

Owner way past due. Association scared they wont get paid.

If a unit holder is behind more than $5,000 in condo fees and assessments and a lien is in place on the property and they don't pay the lien off as per ordered by the court, but they keep paying their current fees only and nothing to the court ordered arrears, is there any other option we might have to retrieve our money besides waiting for this person to either die or sell out. I am on the board here and I was told there is no other option and wage attachment is also out. Any information would greatly be appreciated. Thanks I live in PA and find nothing in our by-laws that state this.

Need Recommendations on Rent Collection Agencies

Does anyone have any recommendations of collection agencies for condos in Michigan, or agencies that are licensed to collect in Michigan?


Maryland condo association running out of collection ideas

I am on the board of a small 40 unit condo HOA in Maryland. We have accumulated HOA fees exceeding $98K. Almost one quarter of the owners are in collections with an attorney, however he is unable to really collect substantial past due amounts due to laws that prevent him from garnishing or collecting monies from exempt sources - Social Security Income, retirement income, disability income, etc... Recorded liens have been placed but we can not foreclose due to the significant drop in housing values. What else can our HOA or lawyer do


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