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What's the best way to sue for delinquent HOA fees?

I am a board member of our HOA which consists of 40 homes. Along with a board, we also have a property management. One of our homeowners has not paid their HOA fees in over a year. At our last board meeting it was voted and agreed that I would represent the board and sue the homeowner in small claims. (Our property management wanted to charged, on top of his monthly salary, an additional $60 per hour to represent the HOA) Mr. "Jones" (property management) advised the board that a board member could NOT represent the HOA and that he must be the one to do so. Is this correct or is he simply trying to make more money?

How much time do I get to pay my HOA fees?

I will like to know how many days by law I have to pay my Maintenance & the Special Assessment

How much can board raise maintenance fees?

Our condo association raised our maintenance fees over a certain percentage that is allowed by law. I never got the by-laws of this community. Where can I find that online and is it generic across the board - the percentage they can raise without owners vote?  Florida

Association Charges Late Fee For Missing Monthly Assessment

Payments are made to PO Lock Box. Late Fee is $22. I question the missing monthly payment? No response from Management Co. Each moth after they continue to charge late fees $22 for same missing payment After 6 months late fees total 132 is this Legal or against the law. Every other monthly payment was on time

Is finished basement included in dues per square foot?

I pay dues based on the number of square feet of my condo.


How can managment company take fees from repair funds?

Our property management firm has charged us a management fee on an insurance claim.


Late fee charge limited by law in TX?

Is there a Texas law governing how much a condo association can fine an owner for late condo fees?


Being charged by HOA for cable even though not used

My HOA has a contract with a cable company.


Resale fees in PA

Can/should a HOA board charge a fee on resales?


Unfair and hidden billing by board

I live in a condo in NJ. After the last board election, the only info supplied to the homeowners was the names of the elected members.



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