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Should NY owner have to pay rental admin fee every year?

My HOA asks for $250 for the rental of my condo each YEAR.


Retired Delaware owner not paying up

What do you do when a condo owner, who owns three units, only pays a part of his dues and will not pay any of a special assessment?


GA owner granted hardship status; paying only $25/month

Some neighbors have discovered that a homeowner has been granted "hardship status" (for four years), and only pays $25 of the required $325 dues.


Lien filed against condo owner for non-payment of fees

My condo association has filed a lien against my condo for non payment of association fees.


Deadbeat homeowners killing Chicago condo association

Can home owners sue owners who are not paying assoc dues. We have 2 people who haven't paid in about 5 years ($20K) and the board refuses to do anything about it.  Chicago, Illinois


Pay monthly condo & HOA fees by check, ACH draft or credit card?

We would like to know how do you pay your monthly condo association and HOA fees:


Santa Barbara association board exempts themselves from condo fee

I live in a townhouse development, 35 years old, with 260 units. At the present time our board members (which have gone from 6 to 10) voted themselves not to have to pay a monthly fee. They just upped our fees from $135.00 a month to $205.00 a month. This is not a condo - homeowners are responsible for all exterior portions of the building, as well as, the grass and sidewalks. Question: Is it legal for board members to exempt themselves from paying monthly fees?  Santa Barbara, CA

Need recommendations for rent collection service or attorney in Detroit, MI

Does anyone know of or have recommendations for a collection agency or attorney that works in the Detroit, MI area that has dealt with collecting rents?


Improper lien against Edison NJ condo owner

There was an improper recording of an assessment lien against my condo that I thought might have been removed since the lawyer who put the lien on my condo said it wasn't a true lien. I didn't worry since I was not selling my condo and I had health issues that didn't allow me to take care of this.


Greensboro Housing Authority buys condo building and charges owners

I purchased a new condo 7+ years ago. 8 of 12 owners did short sales after Greensboro Housing Authority purchased the building that we lived in and an incomplete building


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