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Condo owner needs to pay mortgage and all condo expenses

I am living in a condo two bedroom where I pay a mortgage.  The association raised the maintenance fee a few months ago. Now they want all owners to pay assessment fee for fixing roof and parking lot. Should home owners pay that fee?


Can delinquent homeowner be elected to HOA board?

Can a Homeowner run for the Board of Directors if that homeowner is more than 90 days delinquent in his monthly dues.


Our HOA's moving fee is $500.  What's yours?

My HOA has raised the move-in fee to $500 dollars. I sat on the board for 5 years and the fee was $250. As soon as I left and started renting my place, they moved the fee to $500. Never once while on the board did a damage report come in that needed our attention. It seems to me to be a way to try and get rid of folks who rent. What is the law on this matter.

Condo association has problems collecting fees

We have many delinquent payees in our complex which has forced our fees to go higher year after year. Is there any recourse for the residents who do pay on time and then are forced to pay higher and higher fees for the delinquent residents? Our association attempts to collect from the delinquents but we end up having to pay for them which doesn't seem right. Is there anything we can do?


How to best handle HOA delinquencies?

We have 8 owners who are delinquent in paying a special assessment of about $450, and one of these owners has been able to avoid paying the $30 late fee on his monthly dues in the past. What can your group do to help us with both of these situations?


Getting creative about reducing condo fees

We are soon going to be residents of a large development over 1,000 units and a mall with grocery and many other stores are being built across the street here in Wisconsin. Many stores will pay groups a percentage of purchases for patronizing their business. Could this work in Florida for condo fees? Possibly also auto, hair, restaurants,etc.. Are there any other ideas for reducing fees by group purchases? Possibly fundraisers? or other ways to generate revenue?

Does HOA board need vote before raising fees?

Is there a limit as to how much a Florida board can raise the monthly dues before they need to take a homeowner vote?

HOA will not send owners fee statement for vacant lots

We have vacant lots in North Florida that have a yearly HOA fee, but the HOA refuses to send a yearly statement. They have no problem sending a late fee notice. Is there anyway to get them to send the yearly statement? 

How to impose late fees on delinquent condo owner?

We have a condo owner who has been consistently late with paying the monthly Condo dues. In Illinois, what percentage late fee can be imposed on delinquent payments?

Do I need to pay HOA fees on my finished basement?

I pay dues by square foot. My basement is finished, carpeting, finished walls, etc.... Do I have to pay dues on the footage of basement?  Michigan


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