Who is responsible for water damage and repair under concrete slab floor?

I live in a condo that is on a concrete slab floor. The water lines are underneath the floor. In case of a leak, in one of the lines who fixes it, me are the association.  Illinois.

Condo association mafia calls all the shots

How do you remove all the board members when the two owners and their family and friends are the only ones on the board because the owners own more than 50% of the condominiums. The owners have also been indicted for fraud. This is in Illinois. They call all the shots and raise are assessments the 250 units that they don't own have no say because we don't have enough votes.  Illinois.

Our condo board does not know how to run the association

Several of us residents don't believe our board is following correct procedure in various areas: - minimal number of days notice for meetings (2-5 instead of required 10) - there is no Secretary (per ILCPA) - Minutes are scant and disorganized (not Roberts Rules) - no Executive Session minutes are taken - minutes are not available to residents. Typically they are not posted and there is no file of them in Office. - to name a few. Where can we find proper procedures?  Illinois.


Owners raise awareness over board proposal with petition signing event

We have unit owners who, in response to a proposal on the next Board Meeting's Agenda, have now asked to hold a petition signing drive in our lobby. What court cases allow us to say no -- that homeowners shouldn't be forced to listen to a pitch as they enter their home?  Illinois. 

How do I get our new condo association rules and regulations?

Our Rules and Regulations were updated earlier this year 2015. When I moved in 27 years ago, I never received a copy of the Rules and Regs. To what do I compare the new edition?  I did receive a welcome packet. We have never seen a copy of our CC&R. Isn't that to be given to a new owner? Illinois


Can condo board be sued by government for using mailbox?

Our condo association has had problems of legal nature for at least 15 of the 20 years since we first began from mainly from one unit owner.  Lately, when meetings call for all unit owners to be notified about board business and notices have to be put in the owners' mailbox, this owner complains and does not want the board putting anything in their mailbox, saying her mailbox is U.S. post office federal property and she will file a complaint with the postmaster general.  From what I read in the by-laws; (there are 15 units) everyone owns 1/15 of the properties; and the by-laws say the unit owners have to be notified about board business.  Can the board, in fact, be sued by the government?  Illinois. 

How do I establish rules about residential parking space use?

What is the specific requirements as board president in detailing the rules which must be followed to use only one of two free spots for parking?  Illinois.

How do condo associations effectively collect past due fees from owners?

I live in an 18 unit condo in Chicago. We have two unit owners who owe a total of $20,000, We are facing a special assessment in the next few months because our gutters fell down. Can the owners refuse to pay the special assessment and tell the board to go after the 2 individuals who owe money. These individuals have not paid in 4 or 5 years. Our board has fallen down on the job of collecting these assessments. It has been heard that when the special assessments are requested, the board is only going to ask the 16 unit owners to pay, because they know that they are not going to get the money from the two who owe $20,000. So to recap, can we as unit owners, refuse to pay the special assessment until they recover the monies owed? Illinois.

How to ensure owner stays off of the condo board

Chicago Illinois - A Board member was voted off the Board by 100% of the Owners. Can that Owner run again for the Board? Can she get on the Board by default - meaning no on else wants to run again, so she can automatically become a Board member with out any votes ? The Association does not want that Owner as a Board member. She is not qualified. How can we keep her off the Board without running into any legal problems? Thank you to anyone who can help.

Does Illinois' ICPA require on-premise office for documents?

Pursuant to the Illinois Condominium Property Act (ICPA) all records need to be kept at the main office. If the association hires a condo management company, do we have an office on the property. IL Condo 227 units.



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