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Is there a site for condo association and HOA people in Illinois?

I love this site but I live in Illinois and most of the advice is from other states. Is there a site that strickly focuses on Illinois?

Elmhurst IL - how do you change association proxy procedures?

How do you go about changing the proxy procedures in Illinois? We have a proxy form that allows the assigned proxy to vote for said Unit owner. Giving the proxy full control of the vote.  Elmhurst IL

Basement of Illinois condo building floods, is association responsible?

I live in a 35+ year old condo. Every time there is a heavy rain the basement storage areas flood.

The association board does nothing but run fans for a few days after this happens. There is mold everywhere, and it smells all the time.


Rental restriction in Rockford Illinois - will hardship clause work?

I own a condo in Illinois. The HOA rules are no renters at all.

I moved out of the condo a year ago because I got married and the condo was not big enough for two people. I allowed my sister in law to move and advised a board member of this.


Palatine Illinois condo association anticipates trouble with outgoing board

We will be voting our association Board of Managers this month with majority vote. What records should the surrendered, except the obvious bank records?


Orland Park IL condo wants to have a closed door meeting

Can a Condo board have an executive session meeting only without a regular board open to all?

Deadbeat homeowners killing Chicago condo association

Can home owners sue owners who are not paying assoc dues. We have 2 people who haven't paid in about 5 years ($20K) and the board refuses to do anything about it.  Chicago, Illinois


Naperville IL - Cut down ash trees because of emerald ash borer?

Our Naperville, Illinois, 19 unit condo association, is surrounded by 31 ash trees. The emerald ash borer has been found in the next county. The question is to begin a planned elimination (cutting) of ash and replacement with a diverse species or treat with insecticide. These are large 27 year old trees. No EAB have been found. Several opinions are put forth: 1. Cut the ashes down as we can afford over 6 - 10 years with increased monthly dues to cover 2. Cut and use contingency fund until it runs out then have special assessment to replace. 3. Try insecticide route at ~$200 per year annually forever. Or each unit owner decides whether to treat and maintain treatment yearly 4. Wait and see how have other condo associations handled this problem?


Elmhurst Illinois board member can't post resignation

I have been on a condo association for 15 years. Last 5 as the President. We recently got 3 new board members and a new manager. I resigned because they ignore all my advice with the knowledge I have.


Lansing, Illinois senior discovered misappropriation and fraud. Now what?

Our condo (8 units), built in 1975 was in pristine condition. It has come to our attention that the former president/secretary was "fixing" the books from 2000 to now. We're a senior association, and trust was a strong factor.



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