HOA board spending money faster than they can collect it

Our board of directors don't listen to the community and we have absolutely no control over what they do. They are now in the process of taking $8,000 out of our reserve to re-upholster 12 chairs in our clubhouse that just need a cleaning. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these chairs! They are also taking $3,000 out of the operating budget for custom window treatments for 6 windows! Several of us have tried to reason with them, but they won't budge. What can we do?  Illinois.

New Condo Board is Irresponsibly Using Up Reserves

A new Board was voted in last year and have declared we have "No Limited Common Elements since they are not shown on the Plat"


Condo units getting nasty odor through vents

I live in a eight unit building. Every unit has its own heating/cooling system. I have been getting nasty odor through all my vents at least twice a week. I have contacted our property manager several times but she has been ignoring me as well as my neighbor who has the same problem. Please help!!  Illinois.


What happens to resolutions when condo rules & regulations are re-written?

Do resolutions that are made by the Board of Directors continue to be in force when they are part of the Rules and Regulations are redone.  From Illinois.

Can association dictate type of windows I install?

I would like to replace my windows, unfortunately I have troubles to get approval from Condo Association because I have chosen different type of window operation. It is Tilt and Turn window which are three windows in one. Depending on the handle position, they can be operated as a fixed window (handle in 6 o'clock position), inward casement window (handle in 9 o'clock position) or hopper window (handle in 12 o'clock position). They provide excellent ventilation control. The tilt position opens the sash inwards at the top to provide indirect ventilation while maintaining security and safety. This angle allows air to come through the sides while hotter air can escape through the top. Above mentioned are the main reasons for choosing this operation style. Other owners have the sliding windows. Though both types of windows look absolutely the same from the outside, condo association does not agree with the installation tilt and turn windows. Condo Association doesn’t mind color or window material, just the window operation. Is there any possibility how to change their mind? I understand that association must approve the size, glass, color etc. but the operation system?  I would highly appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance. 


Is It Normal to Distribute Dues Payment Status to All Co-op Members?

I reside in a co-op in Illinois. Since we fall under the Business Corporation Act, the interpretation of this law often falls upon an attorney for some topics that are not addressed in our governing documents.


Gas Dryer Has No Exterior Vent

We recently purchased a condo in a 10 unit building and when we hired a professional to clean the dryer vent, they couldn't find the exterior vent point, thus not being able to clean it. When consulting the property manager, she stated that there is no exterior venting, only interior lint collectors.


Illinois townhome association not paying for structural damage

I live in a four-unit town house. The two end units are ranch units and the two middle units are raised ranch units over the end units. The two middle units are experiencing severe cracks in the walls. The townhome association says that if the cracks are the result of the building moving, they are not responsible. Is this accurate? I can understand the association not being responsible for repair of the cracks but who is responsible to repair the structural problem?


Father-in-law stuck with condo fees from kids broken marriage

My son and his wife lived in a condo that I own. Last year, they had marital issues and he moved out. She stayed, refused to pay me anything, did not pay the association fees and trashed the place. I had no choice but to pay my mortgage payment, but I did not pay the association fees. So, they ended up evicting her. Now, they are asking me for eleven thousand dollars in association fees, attorney fees, and citations for her trashing the place and not completing various forms that they asked for. On top of the fact that I have received no rent for a year and paid the mortgage out of my pocket, they are asking for this outrageous amount of money. They are claiming that they paid about five thousand dollars in attorney fees, and the missed association fees are about thirty five hundred. Why should I pay all that money. Please help me. What can I do without spending more money for attorney fees.


How much notice is required in Illinois for condo board meeting?

In Illinois is the required notice for regular board meetings 10 days or 48 hours?  I keep seeing different references in different documents.



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