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Association president not sure who pays for sunken foundation

I am the president of my condo association. One of our units was purchased as is.

The foundation has sunk and the owner asked if the association is responsible for rebuilding it.


Arlington Heights IL condo association needs rental cap

Our condo association has 190 units. Of the 190 units, at least 90 are rentals and we have no rental cap. The number of rentals has more than doubled since the property values took a plunge a number of years ago. When I bought my condo 11 years ago, I bought it because it was a condo and now I feel I am living in a rental community which is not why I bought. Doesn't the Board have a fiduciary duty to the owners to get a rental cap in place? Our property values are much lower than similar condos in the area that have a rental cap. Of the 5 Board members, 3 rent out their units.  Arlington Heights IL.

Failed Chicago condo conversion wants to revert to apartments

I'm the president of a 40 unit failed condo conversion in the Chicago suburbs. Currently the balance of owner occupied to rented units is about 60% owner occupied and 40% renters, and there are 2 units that look like they are going to be sold to renters. There are 2 multi-part questions facing the board now

How many board members should an 80 unit association have in IL?

How many board members are required for an 80 unit building?

Why should Chicago owner pay assessment for others balconies?

I live in an 18 unit condo in Chicago there are 3 floors, those on the first floors (6 units) do not have a balcony, just a concrete slab.

There are 12 units with balconies. These 12 units have been cited by the city of Chicago for violations due to lack of maintenance, etc.


What can IL homeowners do to prevent increase in monthly fees?

Our board is currently ready to approve an increase in our $125.00 maintenance fee to $200 with 51% of the homeowners' vote. Our declaration states we must have 75% of all homeowners and 51% of first mortgagees to do this.


Illinois board president insists state condo law prevails

I have a question about our board, they are proposing a $350,000 loan and pretty much not letting owners, present at the meeting, vote on this proposal. 


The injustice of board member renting out unit in Justice, IL

Our declaration states a board member must live on the property.

One of the board members has rented their unit, and management says IL condo law takes precedence.


Illinois HOA board only gives details of budget after it's been voted on

Does a HOA have an obligation to provide a copy of the budget to homeowners prior to the board voting for approval?


Condo reserve study needed how often?

How often should a condo reserve study be done  to tell owners what percentage of money should be put in reserves? I live in Chicago.


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