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IL condo owner stopped paying fees 6 years ago

My mom has a condo that has an association that does absolutely nothing.


Owner in IL hires lawyer to address damages, board resigns

I live in an 8 unit building on the garden level.


Robert's Rules and condo board secretary requirements in IL

As per Roberts Rules of Order, does our HOA secretary have to enter the person's name and address when they ask a question at our meetings?


Blocked dryer vent in IL - who is responsible?

I live in a condo in an 8 unit building. There are 2 units in each section. I am on The first floor with another condo above me.


Chicago association needs way to improve window situation

In Chicago, single-paned windows are not energy efficient in our high-rise apartments, 2 buildings of 270 units each.

Can IL property management firm charge 50 cents a page?

Can our retained and paid condo management company charge an owner 50 cents per page for a copy of the books?

Is IL association now mandatory vs. voluntary?

We have a voluntary association, but we were told by a previous attorney that if we have over 75% of members paying, it is automatically mandatory. Is this true?

Illinois condo president wants forgiveness of outstanding balances

Our condo association is looking to hire a management company however the president (who's been running the association for the past 4 years) would like for the management company to "forgive" all owners that have an outstanding balance and start fresh from the day they take over.


Association president not sure who pays for sunken foundation

I am the president of my condo association. One of our units was purchased as is.

The foundation has sunk and the owner asked if the association is responsible for rebuilding it.


Arlington Heights IL condo association needs rental cap

Our condo association has 190 units. Of the 190 units, at least 90 are rentals and we have no rental cap. The number of rentals has more than doubled since the property values took a plunge a number of years ago. When I bought my condo 11 years ago, I bought it because it was a condo and now I feel I am living in a rental community which is not why I bought. Doesn't the Board have a fiduciary duty to the owners to get a rental cap in place? Our property values are much lower than similar condos in the area that have a rental cap. Of the 5 Board members, 3 rent out their units.  Arlington Heights IL.


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