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Can condo association change parking spot assignment?

I have been living in Miami Beach since 1999. I bought condo from my brother and am using same parking spot as my brother had. Now, after 25 years, the condo board wants to change my parking according to bylaws. Can they do this?

Is the tax man or HOA right about my garage space?

I purchased a Condo about one year ago. The garage in the building does not have enough spaces for the entire building. I park outside in a space designated by the HOA. When I look up my parcel number on the assessor's webpage, it says I have a 179 sq ft garage space and I am being taxed for it. Other units, who the HOA granted designated spots in the garage do not have 179 square ft. Garage space listed under their parcel numbers on the auditors webpage. Should I have a garage space?

I believe the owner originally had a garage space, but the HOA reassigned it after they rented the property. I was given a garage opener with my keys.

When can condo association tow cars from parking lot?

Property has assigned parking, two spots for each condo and plenty of visitors parking. Entrances have signs posted that towing is enforced if assigned spaces are violated. What is the procedure to tow? Can the homeowner whose spot is taken tow immediately or does the board have to do it. Must more notice be given or are the signs enough? thanks

Can camper be temporarily be parked at condo property's overflow parking lot?

If condo docs include an easement for a temporary overflow lot for parking of an automobile, boat & trailer and a camper for no more than 72 hours - what defines a "camper" ? Is this a motorhome or an RV or just a camper pulled behind a vehicle or a small camper on a truck?  Florida

Condo association problems with deeded parking space

My husband and I recently purchased a condo in Milwaukee. There was no parking deeded with the unit, and the owner lied to us and said there was a "list" we could get in to purchase a spot. Of course, there is no such list. A few months ago another owner who also has no deeded parking, mentions that she and her husband had noticed that a parking space in the lot was never used. They are friends with the board president, and when they brought the spot to his attention, he confirmed that the spot had never been conveyed or deeded to any unit. Now I've discovered that a transferable lease for that spot was created for this one homeowner. The lease goes with the unit, so when it sells (it is up for sale) the new owner has first rights to continue leasing this spot. This seems very shady-the owner was essentially given rights to a parking spot which increased his home's value by thousands of dollars, and no other owner in the building was ever notified or given the opportunity to lease. I've contacted a lawyer but don't really have the thousands it will take to fight this in court. Emails to the board and the property manager go unanswered. Any advice?

Should income tax be paid on parking space rental?

We have a 36 unit apartment building and there are only 30 assigned parking spaces at this location. The spaces are limited common elements. If a unit owner wants to rent his assigned space out to someone as his renter or himself doesn't own a car - he is allowed at this time to do that by the board. Now here comes my question...since they are limited common elements and the owner doesn't pay tax on the parking spot since he doesn't own it and its not deeded property - if he rents it then its considered income and he is gaining income off of something that he doesn't own. Since its income shouldn't he pay tax on that income on something he is profiting on and gaining money on? Since we all own a percentage of the building and we all have our own tax bill on our unit but the tax bill doesn't include the parking spaces since they are not deeded - isn't that person who is renting out his assigned limited common element parking space required to pay tax on that income?

Can condo board randomly increase parking fees?

My newly elected condo association board decided to increase parking fees by 100% mid-year from the annual budget? Can they do this without any justification?

Is our condo property required to have handicap parking?

Are condominium properties in Coconut Creek, FL required to have handicap parking. We have assigned parking spaces and there are quest spaces for visitors. I thought condos were exempt from required handicap parking. We now have less guest parking and handicap spaces that will not be used. Does not make sense to me I cannot imagine how many handicap persons will be visitors.

Parking at a premium, board won't enforce rules

There are no guest parking spaces available for our guests.


Size of parking spots

Is there a condo law about the size of parking spaces in the condominium parking lot?


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