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No heat or hot water; who should foot hotel bill?

My very frail, diabetic 74 year old mother owns and lives in her condo. Heat and hot water are included in the common charges. The units were originally apartments, then turned into condos


Not enough board members, bylaws provide no solution

We are a 12 unit condo, and have always self-managed.  


Board head wants to install security cameras

My neighbor plans to install security cameras to "catch a dog that's pooping on his grass".

Another neighbor and myself think he is planning on putting cameras up to see if we are smoking cigarettes.


Renegade condo board not allowing meeting to be held

I live in a renegade-run condo association in Waterbury, CT.


Law Reporter: Unapproved Construction Leads to Foreclosure

The most recent edition of the Law Reporter from CAI, a CT court finds that unapproved condo deck construction leads to foreclosure


Trees behind CT condo cut with no warning from board

We live in a town home with a board of directors & HOA fees each month.


Is owner in CT obligated to allow contractors to install gutter heaters?

I am paying a special assessment for ice damming repairs, including attic insulation, and heater cables in gutters. I already had my attic insulated. I don't trust the electric company installing the interior heater cable switch.


How long should CT board keep threatening foreclosure?

We have emailed and sent notices to one of the condo owners regarding the association fees. The condo owner currently rents out the condo.

A certified letter was sent in July threatening foreclosure, and a few days later we received payment for June and July, plus late fees.


Connecticut owners having problems getting HOA ok for pest control

I've been living at this private condo complex for 36 yrs. We, the owners, comprise the association vs. an outside management firm. Just this week I suddenly noticed a huge hornet nest in the tree outside my condo that is hanging over my neighbor's and my sidewalk, which has constant community walking by. From the internet research I've been doing, it appears to be a baldfaced hornets one . .the size of a football . .very well camouflaged underneath a heavily leaved branch. I have severe asthma and allergies, and the pesticides that the Association now has a contract with (TruGreen) exacerbates my asthma instantly without my even seeing the little tags that they stake on the lawns when they come, so the idea of getting someone to spray this thing is ultra-concerning to me, but so does getting stung by these potentially violent creatures if they should get angry/upset!


CT owner thinks special assessments should be based on square footage

We own a condo in a 6 unit association, and the units pay a quarterly condo fee based on an original value percentage from the original construction - ranging from 15 to 17 percent.


Need an HOA Loan?

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