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Who in an HOA should carry fire/liability insurance?

Should an HOA carry fire/liability insurance for the association homes or let home owners carry their own?

Who should we replace our Allstate insurance with?

Our insurance with Allstate was cancelled. Who is the best master property insurance company to get a new quote from?


Florida condo guidelines leave an insurance gap

As result of attempting to sell my unit in Doral, FL, I've found out that there is a gap between the policy of most of the lenders to ask for the ordinance and law enforcement insurance (OLE) and the Florida condo guidelines that demand quite light insurance requirements. According to Florida laws rebuilding must be done according to the current code. Obviously at this moment there is inconsistency between the rebuilt statutes and FL condo guidelines 718. Since ordinance and law enforcement insurance seems to be quite costly, most of HOA don't have it, and the HOA Boards justify their decisions hiding behind FL condo guidelines, leaving all condo owners fully exposed to the catastrophic risk of not being able to rebuilt in case of extensive damage caused by risks as fire, hurricane, etc.  Are there any HOA's or owners looking into this risk exposure?


Can an HOA defund declaration coverage?

Can an HOA "defund" a declaration coverage?

Must every condo owner carry homeowners insurance?

Is it the law that every condo owner must have homeowners insurance?

Nextdoor neighbor paying less for homeowners insurance

My friend has a condo next to mine. We both have the same insurance for our condos except I am paying more.  I have a one bedroom and 1 bath. She has two bedrooms and 11/2 bath and is on the corner. I questioned the insurance company and feel I didn't get straight answer. Please comment


Can condo association dictate homeowner insurance requirements?

Our condominium had a catastrophic loss to our insurance company for an act of nature. We were told that upon our renewal that the Master Policy deductible will increase from $5,000 to $25,000. Currently, the HO-6 policy for the homeowners only covers a $5,00 deductible payout to the association to cover the Master Policy deductible, which will soon be insufficient. Can the Board require that all homeowners now carry a min $25,000 payout on their HO-6 to cover the Master Policy deductible? Otherwise the condo would have to pretty much self-insure for the remainder, and we couldn't afford to do and most people don't have an extra $25,000 in cash lying around. Has anyone else had this issue or something similar? What options or suggestions can anyone provide?

Our condo association insurance adjuster showed up late

Is it a common practice for an insurance adjuster for the master policy to show up days or weeks after the incident and after repairs of the unit have been completed or over 50% of repairs completed. Other than emergency issues that needed immediate attention. This is in Massachusetts.

HOA members want to work on property.  What insurance is needed?

We have some unit owners who would like to volunteer to do odd jobs around condo complex: changing bulbs, gardening, replacing broken sprinkler heads.  What type of insurance would we need to cover them?  Florida

Unit reimbursed by HOA instead of insurance

The HOA unit was not paid through our insurance it was paid for through our HOA bank account which is our operating account for all bills and emergency issues. Is that allowed? And we never filed anything through our insurance the reason being our deductible is $10,000?

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