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New Hampshire pet problems at condo complex

I live in a 114 condo complex, each building housing 8 owners/tenants in New Hampshire. I am an owner. Per bylaws have walked my dog on leash at all times. "Tenant" (owner is sister living out of country) keeps cat out all time (against bylaws) which causes my dog to pull me with sciatica.Reported to Prop Mgr and very responsive as had numerous complaints from others re:cat outside. Upon Prop Mgr talking with "tenant and cat outside", owner did comply with keeping cat indoors but threatened Prop Mgr and HOA to contact attorney. Prop Mgr assured me I would not be implicated, but how can this tenant do this? Per Pet policies all domesticated dogs and cats have to be on leash or kept indoors.I have sciatica and having PT and am able to walk my dog, however, said cat being on our back stoop as were leaving condo caused my dog to pull and increased my sciatica. Can tenant threaten, Prop Mgt./Board/ or me with a lawsuit? I am not the one violating the by-laws.

Please help our HOA pet-related issue

Our condominium rules clearly specify the areas where residents are permitted to walk their pets. A handful of residents tell pet owners not to walk anywhere near their unit despite the fact that pet owners are walking exactly where the rule specifies and are meticulously picking up pet waste. Explaining the rule to these residents doesn't do any good--they continue to bother rule-abiding pet owners. When asked to intervene, the board and outside management company refuse to contact the residents who are bothering these rule-abiding pet owners to remind them of the rule and pet owners' right to walk where the rule specifies. The board and management company refuse to explain why they will not take this simple enforcement action as they routinely do with other rules. We've asked if there's a legal reason they cannot enforce the rule, but they refuse to answer. Despite multiple written requests for help, the board and the management company refuse to take action. Instead, they advise pet owners to "call the police." We believe it's not the police's responsibility to enforce our rules nor is it appropriate to call the police when nothing illegal has occurred. We believe the police at some point will appropriately label such repeated requests "nuisance" calls. This puts the rule-abiding pet owner in an untenable position. It's a Catch 22. In our by-laws we have an option to summon the board to a meeting to explain themselves, but not enough residents are willing to sign the petition to request such a meeting for fear of retaliation from the board or management company. One of the members of management often violates the rule by walking his pet where he shouldn't. So he has an obvious conflict of interest and is perhaps unwilling to enforce the rule for that reason. Have any of you faced this pet-related issue? Other than becoming a member of the board, what suggestions do you have for resolving this?

Condo association's one dog rule has been broken

We have a one dog rule. A recent owner met with the board and said she understood our condo docs and she said she had one dog. She moved in with two dogs. What is our recourse after a letter from our management company did not change anything.

Dog owner has issue with cat owner in HOA

I am a condo owner, living in New Hampshire. Problem: rules, regulations and bylaws/violations.


Can HOA owner keep dog in garage?

I'm an HOA Manager in Southern California. At a recent board meeting a Homeowner was concerned about her dog and barking. The Board then comments that most people in the community keep their dogs in the garage over night. This HOA is Townhouse style living. Obviously the Board had no issue or concern but something just seems wrong to me. There's nothing opposing this in the governing docs. Your feedback and comment about keeping dogs in the garage overnight are requested. Thank you.

Association wants owners to pay "dog fee"

When I bought my condo 20 years ago, dogs were allowed on certain floors (i.e., 3 - 7), with no fees. My condo association is now trying to institute a "dog fee" of $200 per dog per year, even for dogs who have lived in the building for years. Can they do this?

Florida owners with pets that violate covenant

Our HOA has a no pets allowed covenant.


NH owner needs advice on renters not picking up after dogs

I am hoping you can help us out here in New Hampshire. We live in a lovely well maintained condo complex with swimming pool and tennis court.


Condo association considers court order for owner to pick up after dog

I am the Treasurer of a condo association in Independence, MO. We have a resident who refuses to pick up after her dog and the other residents are complaining about it. Our rules state that a $10 fine shall be assessed for the first violation. 10 days later if the violation still exists, a $25 fine will be assessed. 10 days later if the violation still exists, the pet must be removed from the premises. Previous boards have let this go and not enforced the rule. This resident ignores the verbal and written warnings. If we pursued a court order for her to clean up the mess and/or remove the pet from the premises, how successful do you think we would be? Do we have any other options?

Pet problem - Condo building looking like Wild Kingdom!

Our bylaws say no pets; yet several owners have gotten pets over the years. Now the renters are bringing in pets. Our board is well aware of the pet issue, and one of the board members even feeds one of the cats when the owner is out of town! If owners are told to get rid of their pets and they don't, what is the next option? What would be a reasonable, logical action and fine amount (per month?) for ongoing pets on the premises? If the board allows some people to have pets, shouldn't they tell everyone that they can have pets?

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