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Who in an HOA should carry fire/liability insurance?

Does condo association oversight committee trump condo board?

Cars get towed too frequently from our HOA parking lot

What's the difference between condo associations, HOAs and Co-ops?

Developer wont give up control of HOA

Condo association only covers partial cost for exterior door replacements

Can condo association make owners start paying utilities?

Can property manager deal with my HOA rather than me?

Is there a HUD insurance and minimum reserves requirement?

Condo association elections - don't we all get one vote each?

HOA financial reporting: what goes in expense column?

Our condo association board member quit.  How to replace her?

How to convert a condo association into town homes?

What should HOA do about delinquent owner?

Can you take HOA monies from operating account and replace from reserves?

Who actually owns the timeshares in our condo association?

Newly elected HOA board member quits.  What's next?

Is Florida HOA is over-charging?

I want to sue my HOA president.

Can condo president be a landlord?

Can I serve as director on multiple condo boards?

Is having a realtor on the condo board a conflict of interest?

Condo association financial bookkeeping question

We have to remove our condo association president

Does your name need to be on the deed to run for HOA board?

Can I install my own security system in our condo association building?

Who pays for plumbing repairs - HOA or owner?

Financial info withheld from condo board meeting minutes

Ex-military condo president runs association like an army barrack

6 Crucial Security Flaws That Every HOA Needs To Pay Attention To

How can we run our HOA this poorly?

How could condo board not warn us of assessment for repairs?

Can our condo association get a non-profit certification?

Top 8 things your HOA should cover

How to get out of a condo association?

How can condo board selectively enforce rules?

When to self-manage your HOA vs. hiring a property manager?

Condo budgets: what goes into the miscellaneous category?

No condo reserves left and building is condemned

Next door neighbors are noisy in condo association building

Any interest in an HOA & Condo Association educational series?

Condo owner ignoring bylaws and taking in renters

Condo owner critiques condo association common areas

How does condo association voting proxy work?

Next door neighbor complains about smell of cigar smoke

Florida condo associations and bulk rate cable TV laws

HOA elections practice is questioned

How does HOA overide tyrannical President's veto power?

Can we renovate our condo unit with notifying the association?

Do condo association residents need to leave vehicle registrations on file?

Neither HOA wants to fix the gate for the swimming pool area

Just found out that our HOA director is a convicted felon

How can owner clear his HOA financial status?

Bylaws do not allow owner to sue condo association

Is HOA owner-developer a one-man voting block?

Can condo unit's good view raise the condo fee?

Does condo owner have right to new unit sales info in building?

HOA storage unit stolen by neighbor

Does HOA need to repair balconies?

Our HOA bylaws were never signed or recorded

Condo board wants to start charging for parking spaces

Does Florida Statute 718.113 supersede our Condo Documents?

Parking issues with condo association

How long can Florida condo board member serve?

Quorum requirement for a condo council of members' annual/election meeting: Which one rules?

How much should a reserve study cost?

Free file sharing for HOA and condo associations?

Condo board gives away key and neighbor occupies owner's unit

How many HOA units do we need for a quorum?

Sample HOA special assessment notice

Who should we replace our Allstate insurance with?

Can condo association change parking spot assignment?

NY condo needs association insurance funds to repair water damage

Is there an HOA tax return to be filed?

Vibrations in the floors of condo unit causing problems

Association's deductible to high to cover condo unit damage

Can CAM fire HOA committee chairperson?

HOA loan balance does not show up on financial statements

Condo buildings: Are interior walls between units common property?

Who does Reserve Studies in Iowa?

How to re-allocate money in HOA reserves?

Condo board needs fire prevention class

Florida HOA kills vegetation on common property

Is HOA responsible for sewage overflow between units?

Can we force foreclosure on abandoned condo unit?

Can parking space owner get an assessment?

Can condo association be selective with their pet policies?

Property management co is demanding our HOA meeting minutes

Condo association has no rules and no one cares

Are these HOA common elements?  They need to be repaired.

HOA accounting: how to record collection of old delinquent fees?

We made a condo rule limiting renters.  Can we make it legally binding?

Can we cover handicap parking spaces for the winter?

Condo board fumigates building.  How much notice do owners need?

Is tree stump common property to be removed by condo association?

HOA criminal conspiracy to fleece owners?

What belongs in the association common areas?

Can developer sell handicap parking spaces to highest bidder?

Property manager charged with defrauding HOA

Bank is trying to drive condo owners out of property

What is the "pooled" method of funding association reserves?

Condo board and property manager do not follow bylaws

Condo board wants to spend all reserves prior to new assessment

Florida condo guidelines leave an insurance gap

Our blog vs. forums - what do you think?

Investor buys six units in one condo building, gets six votes

More condo association directors than needed!

What's the difference between assessment and special assessment?

Co-op owner experiencing moisture in their floors

Advice: How to turn around a California HOA

Balancing Condo Rules For Buyers: Is Your Strategy On Point?

Financial conflict of interest for HOA board member?

Problems buying bank-owned condos with liens

Can we change bylaws so condo units can no longer be rented?

How much should you tip your doorman for the holidays?

When can the condo association enter an owner's unit?

Is there a code of conduct for property managers?

Can an HOA defund declaration coverage?

How does our condo association define a quorum?

How to send an email request to your property manager

Possible HVAC repair needed for condo building, but not sure?

Condo owner can't afford to fix mold problem in unit

HOA hires small time contractor for major repairs

How should HOA special assessement be calculated?

Condo conversions: when can we start collecting fees from owners?

Should condo association handle water intrusion issue?

Can HOA claw-back legal fees from owner?

Is there a pricing formula for property management services?

Can HOA use lockboxes without owner permission?

Can condo board play favors with fee relief for certain owners?

What are the condo rules and regulations in Illinois?

Does our HOA board need to present a budget for upcoming year?

Should HOA debt from loans be carried over to 2017 budget?

HOA president and treasurer live together and co-sign checks

How to craft an HOA no-smoking policy

How to get a copy of HOA bylaws?

Can condo owners request to see association board emails?

How to get free HOA legal help in Florida?

HOA board not keeping up with property damage and repairs

What does condo in a life estate mean to an association?

Owners refusing to pay assessment to bring condo building up to date

How to build a HOA re-payment plan for delinquent owners

How to write a financial hardship request to your condo association

Florida condo association not enforcing rules and regulations

Does HOA board have to pay to rent their own club room?

Can club raise money without resident's vote?

Outside attorney involved in co-op elections

Very secretive HOA board of directors

Who can help us with our HOA budget and reserves?

Can condo association take over delinquent owner's unit?

Too many people occupying HOA unit

Is HOA responsible for replacing broken air conditioning unit?

Owner feels harrassed under new rental agreement

HOA board can't understand financials statements

How long do I need to wait for an HOA board response?

Can we nominate more condo association board members?

Property manager gets blasted by HOA

I need to get out of my condo association now

What makes a quorum for HOA executive session?

Voters change their minds about HOA bylaws

Can condo association have a proxy for the annual meeting?

How to elect New York HOA board members?

How to terminate a property manager?

Are co-op laws for distributing information different than HOAs?

How to enforce condo association bylaws?

HOA charging back owners for repairs

Can anyone share a pest extermination policy for our HOA?

How do you engage HOA and association volunteers?

Condo owner needs to pay mortgage and all association expenses

Can we stop families from renting in our association?

Condo association split over $2M assessment

Condo association board communication restrictions

What is the government agency that regulates HOAs and condos associations?

Can our condo association ban rental units?

HOA pet rules in Florida

How to keep construction and remodeling plans under control

Disorganized HOA meetings becoming a problem

Can delinquent homeowner be elected to HOA board?

More compensation for condo association board members

How to calculate HOA or condo reserves?

Condo conflict with board president

Lazy condo board won't take care of the building

Who is responsible for HOA window repairs?

Our HOA's moving fee is $500.  What's yours?

Is your condo association required to keep a website?

Condo association has lien on unit.  What happens next?

Not enough full-time residents for HOA board

Is there a site where HOA board members can dish about their vendors?

Condo association has problems collecting fees

Must every condo owner carry homeowners insurance?

HOA annual meeting questions

Can owner withhold monthly HOA fees?

Condo association not keeping up with repairs

Why does HOA board member need to be financially rewarded?

Can condo association or HOA loan be paid off early?

What to do about dishonest and unethical property managers?

Is property manager in conflict with condo association?

Looking for help from reserve study firms

Lower property taxes for over 55 communities

How to best handle HOA delinquencies?

Can we rent out our HOA clubouse for events?

Can HOA charge rental fee to offset costs?

Dry rot in condo building garage causing problems

Can our association force a special assessment?

Owner has over-payed HOA assessments for years

I can't get minutes from our past HOA board meetings

Condo board tries to stay clear of owners dispute

We are becoming a renter nation

Is this how we elect HOA board members?

Can I work for my condo association and be a board member?

Need sample letter for HOA pet rules

Is our street private or public?

No governance in our condo association

How much time does delinquent owner have to keep his condo?

Re-siding project creates condo damage

Who is responsible for leaking windows?

What does the President of a condo association do?

How much should association charge for photo copying?

Questionable election tactics for condo association

Does our condo association really need to vote on everything?

Pets prohibited by condo association bylaws

We don't have enough board members for an election

Smokers run into problems with condo association

How do delinquencies affect your association?

Should our HOA get FHA certification?

Getting creative about reducing condo fees

Shouldn't our property manager issue checks with more than one signature?

Are legal expenses shared in condo arbitration case?

Why does condo association need a quorum at annual meeting?

Any state HOA laws requiring sealed bids?

Condo repairs were done incorrectly by the association.  What should I do?

Nextdoor neighbor paying less for homeowners insurance

Bylaws are not clear regarding parking garage usage

Does HOA board need vote before raising fees?

Does ex-owner have to pay back condo association?

Are you overpaying your HOA?

Do condo associations charge assessments to dog owners?

When do costs show up in HOA financials?

Water meter issues for condo building

Cost of maintenance people for HOAs

Do I have a deeded space for my condo?

What are your condo living experiences?

I'm blacklisted from my condo association

Getting harrassed by condo board. Advice needed.

Condo association goes to arbitration with $20K in legal fees

Am I required to provide all our condo association information?

What should someone pay for a copy of the bylaws?

Condo board makes all the wrong moves

What's the difference between an assessment and special assessment?

More hoarding, more problems

HOA guide on code of ethics

HOA board questions

Can we sell brand new mobile home at a loss?

Are husband and wife a conflict for condo board?

Can condo association dictate homeowner insurance requirements?

Does ADA law trump condo law over pet limits?

Condo association trying to remove all current directors

Any good books to understand how condo associations work?

HOA will not send owners fee statement for vacant lots

Condo owners have first right of refusal on unit sales.  What does that mean?

Does insurance cover condo board from lawsuits?

What HOA reserves are needed for FHA loans?

What's the role of Florida's ombudsman?

Should condo owners have visibility to leases and rental contracts?

Who repairs pipe in shared wall of townhouse?

HOAs and property managers don't mix

New Hampshire pet problems at condo complex

How to impose late fees on delinquent condo owner?

HOA politics - can owner be lobbied by condo mananger?

HOA double standards?

How to transfer property to the home owner's association?

Do I need to pay HOA fees on my finished basement?

How much time does Florida owner have to pay assessment?

Owner's grandson selling weed to HOA president

Can association employee buy condo where he works?

I can hear a pin drop in the condo above me

200+ members in our new community so far!

Financially stuck in my co-op

What defines an "independent audit"?

Problem with entrance into the condo complex

What is the timing of a roof replacement?

We added community forums!

California law and condo ownership

Owner wants legal action against HOA for nuisance

Mold spotted in condo unit.  What do I do?

Is the tax man or HOA right about my garage space?

Can one homeowner pay more in California HOA ?

Window replacements in condo buildings

Property manager won't kill cockroaches

Who is charge of common area problems at condo building?

Our condo association insurance adjuster showed up late

Condo president controls finance in secret

Condo association mold wars are legal and financial

What HOA reserve amount do we need?

Should HOA payment be applied to old or new fees?

What happens in a sheriff's sale of property?

HOA won't resolve neighbor's noisy air conditioning

Can I use a security camera to monitor my own home?

Rules about Condo Associations using Facebook

HOA funds repair for board member's own home

Our condo board has NOT INVENTED HERE syndrome!

Why does our HOA need to keep so much in reserves?

When sending a certified letter to the condo board...

Condo board executive sessions: do owners need notification?

Can Georgia HOA evict delinquent owner?

Should certain condo association information be confidential?

HOA tax tips

Can condo board move money from operating account to reserves?

Our HOA takes votes by email

How to deal with HOA violations

Can only deeded owners participate on HOA board?

Property manager only uses phone and snail mail

Can condo owner bring his own chair into common area?

Contractor causes damage to condo unit.  No remedy in sight.

How do we dissolve our disfunctional condo board?

HOA does not upkeep their property

Owner's car damaged in condo association parking garage

Condo association did not disclose $300K loan to new owner

No one wants the responsibility of being on HOA board

Our condo association restricts number of swimming pool users

I'm thinking about starting a website for HOA owners

How to reduce your HOA delinquencies?

Can annual roof inspection cost be taken from condo reserves?

HOA members want to work on property.  What insurance is needed?

How does your HOA manage violations?

Neighbor's van is partially blocking the road

How long can woman use handicap parking space?

Can property management company charge late fees?

Does your condo association have a surcharge for landlords?

Property manager wants to inspect every owner's condo

Next door neighbor has loud floor and needs to fix it

What's is the typical owner/rental ratio?

Can Florida HOA scan driver's licenses at gate?

Where can I learn about the Sterling-Davis Act?

What are the New Jersey HOA financial reporting requirements?

Are there special HOA meeting requirements in Maryland?

Does Florida law require financial audits of HOAs?

Is HOA resposible for electrical box in condo unit?

Please help our HOA pet-related issue

Trying to plan a driveway in HOA community

Where do I get a copy of the HOA bylaws?

Condo board refuses to disclose financials

Over 55 community owners concerned about lawsuit

HOA repairs: who fixes cracks in the ceiling?

How to estimate future cost of roof and paving replacements?

Do Florida condo associations need financial audits?

I really want an HOA election by secret ballot!

Leak blame game: who owns water damage repair, HOA or owner?

Can HOA director review all vendor contracts?

Some owners are spreading ill-will among condo association

When can condo association tow cars from parking lot?

Woman locks herself in condo with no plumbing or running water

HOA gets lawyers involved in rent collection

Condo association in neglect needs help

What to look for in a property management company?

HOA owner sues board for money back

Should condo association clean or replace vent?

Are condo board members required to be available to owners

Condo building has mold problem.  Who to call?

Who is responsible for removal of bird nest inside vent on condo property?

How do two HOAs share repair costs for swimming pool?

Help with condo reserves management in Ohio

Condo board borrows from reserves. Owners afraid it will not get re-paid.

How to transfer common areas from private owners to association?

Condo association's one dog rule has been broken

Fake landlord pockets all the rent

Can our condo development have multiple presidents?

Fire sprinkler accidently causes lots of condo damage

Can camper be temporarily be parked at condo property's overflow parking lot?

Condo association problems with deeded parking space

Dog owner has issue with cat owner in HOA

Can I appeal a condo board decision?

Did we run out HOA election process correctly?

Condo owner suspects neighbor of clogging sewer line

Unfriendly, uncooperative condo board makes life tough

Can condo manager buy up all the units in the association?

Condo association tries rental cap to get bank loan

Owner kicked out of condo over an overdue $44

Charging electric cars causing problems at HOA

Should condo association fix water damaged floor?

What's the best way to sue for delinquent HOA fees?

Condo association take assessment but doesn't complete repairs

How much time do I get to pay my HOA fees?

Should income tax be paid on parking space rental?

Are there state or federal regulations to run a community associations?

Condo neighbor's parking obstucts sidewalk access

Unfair treatment of condo owner?

HOA loan used by board member for pet projects

Should condo owner go after association for ceiling damage?

Does ARB of a POA need to post agenda?

Maintenance employee may cost HOA more in the long-run

What are the rules for security cameras?

Can association pick up the tax tab on abandoned condo?

Is there liability from tree root coming up?

Can condo board omit my comments?

Is there Palm Beach county law for new flooring?

Does condo owner have clear use of garage?

New condo buyer now notices need for repairs

Should owner's HOA payment plan be charged interest?

How involved in HOA elections should property management be?

How much towards repairs should HOA make owners pay?

Should HOA give a discount to a disabled resident

Does your board read their property management reports?

Can association dictate how many people live in condo?

Creepy condo president watches security cameras in his unit

Board president's hubby annointed building manager

Condo board tries to increase owner occupancy

Unit reimbursed by HOA instead of insurance

Can condo owner residing part-time get a break on their fees?

Condo owner stuck with water damage repair bill

Leftover HOA repair money.  Pay it back to owners?

Condo board shuts down heated pool

Are there accounting requirements for large condo associations?

Can HOA make HO6 insurance mandatory?

Condo board has too many sub-boards

Can self-managed condo association evict owners?

How many handicap spaces is condo building required to have?

Can HOA owner keep dog in garage?

Property manager stops kids from moving into mom's condo

HOA president threatens owners at meeting

Is an HOA required to keep a fidelity bond for loan?

Can an HOA charge an initation fee?

What forms are used for master insurance policies?

Is condo association secret ballot legit?

Can condo board randomly increase parking fees?

Late fees for condo owner don't add up

Seeking HOA lawyer in California for financial issue

Association has not replied to certified mail

Looking for associations that have sub-metered their water

How many condo associations are there in Florida?

Small condo association owners each assessed $5K.

How do pooled condo reserves work?

How should HOA finances be managed?

Does older condo board decision stand?

New owner surprised by HOA assessment

How does HOA access legal files?

Condo association enters bulk cable contract without approval

Does your HOA have an email system?

Renter's service dog keeps condo owners up at night

Condo owners have lost access to board members

HOA not fixing water damage from leaks

HOA neglects lawncare on owner's properties

Is condo board entitled to know who pays their fees?

HOA or owner: who pays repair bill?

Senior citizen with fixed income can't afford assessment

What states require CAM licensing?

How to get residents to follow condo bylaws?

Truck erroneously towed from handicap space. Who pays?

Policy ideas for pool & clubhouse usage

Should HOA pay for eviction of non-paying owners?

How do hated board members stay in power?

Looking for info on negative impact of renters on condo common areas

When can a board member be just a board member?

Is owner-staff handyman a conflict of interest?

Condo seller may lose buyer over old repairs

Is our condo property required to have handicap parking?

How to define common space in condo building?

Woman renting condo claims "message therapy" business

Can condo association selectively assess units?

Can association remove handicap ramp eyesore?

How does exiting condo board member transition funds?

Conflict of interest for property manager?

Can condo board members sue each other?

HOA contract gone wrong

Security problem in community with no HOA

How much can board raise maintenance fees?

Condo association repair goes very wrong

Our board only received one project bid

Property manager gave access to my unit

Condo fire displaces owner.  Need to pay fees?

What to do when condo association has no reserves?

Are there weight limits for pets in condos?

Our association refuses to hear complaints

How to change trustees in Massachusetts condo trust?

Does condo president need to run board meeting?

Do ADA rules apply to associations?

Resident parks commerical vehicle on HOA property

Association wants owners to pay "dog fee"

How can condo association use insurance proceeds?

Is HOA responsible for holes in roof of rat-infested attic?

Am I allowed to install a stairlift in common stairwell?

Other condo unit has sunroom.  Why can't we?

Association board wants deposit for common area usage

Can condo board approve contracts without vote?

Can spouse of unit owner serve on HOA board?

Florida homeowners association has unsafe outdoor decks

Can condo association require owners to carry studs in insurance?

Airbnb disrupts Chicago condo living

HOA neglects to properly fix roof

Association Charges Late Fee For Missing Monthly Assessment

NY laws on financial statements

Ugly antennas everywhere

Property manager telling owner how to vote

Running main water line through some attics

Reserve fund used up, special assessment idea spurned

Is finished basement included in dues per square foot?

Insurance implications for skateboarding park

Who is responsible for leaky pipes in slab?

Term limits in Florida?

Difference between condo and HOA?

Can potential owner view HOA records?

Can condo reserves be used for anything?

Property manager took it upon herself to engage attorney

How can residents allow outsiders to participate as volunteers?

Association wants community's name off facebook site

Dryer exhaust vents for each unit?

Owner's group not allowed to put mail in mailboxes

Can 2nd floor residents demand use of private elevator?

Standard deductible for condo association insurance?

Can recalled board member serve again?

Avoid paying assessment due to statute of limitations?

How to set up a special assessment to include payment terms

Who should pay for insulation?

Illegal elections, harassment by board in CA

Board behaving badly in Illinois

Who votes to break HOA board tie?

Obnoxious elderly mother gets no love from board

Parking at a premium, board won't enforce rules

Can angry board member be suspended?

Lowered taxes = lowered access?

Three's company in Arizona!

Returning reserve fund money to sellers

Who should pay for broken sprinkler?

How can managment company take fees from repair funds?

Can shed upkeep be required of owners?

New board owes the association big bucks

Resident wants to become a corporation so they can rent unit

Would board be liable if tree limb falls?

Raw sewage coming down on my head

Hello, Hello? No answer from property manager for 3 weeks

Can't sell condo because of a lack of employee insurance

Required number of bids to increase assessment

One household, two HOA votes?

Looking for a lawyer on an insurance case in CA

Minnesota plumber makes major drain mistake

Ranting about Michigan condo act

Illegal to reserve spot for handicap resident?

Owner not given bylaws before buying

Reserve study firm recommendations in FL

Licensing requirements for property manager

Question on board liability for offended homeowner

Refund leftover funds to owners, or keep in reserves?

Cut trees down when Canadians leave for summer?

Who pays when shutter falls off and damages car?

Ex-employee finds legal way out of paying judgment

Freezing drain pipe - should HOA pay for repair?

Leaking between 2 units - who is responsible?

Superintendant wants to become an owner too

Confusion caused by roofing line item in reserves budget

Who is responsible for water lines in garages?

Should condo owner lawsuit be disclosed at annual meeting?

Lighting ordinances for nighttime walks

Late fee charge limited by law in TX?

Proxy voting legalities

Keeping everything but the kitchen sink in garage spot

Insurance for dishonesty

One resident won't buy gate remote so gate stays open

Who owns security cameras?

Renegade owners sending out official and unofficial minutes

Being charged by HOA for cable even though not used

Size of parking spots

Can window replacement be required of sellers?

Resale fees in PA

Unfair and hidden billing by board

Question on changing condo documents

Can I hold back fee payments until mailbox is fixed?

Board changing bylaws

Mold deductible should be paid by HOA

How can we remove irritating board member?

MA condo owner denied handicap spot

Proof of age in senior HOA

Can we ask resident to move car from handicap spot?

Can HOA community get a loan for vinyl siding?

HOA inspector ruining sale due to high standards

Who is responsible for cracked sub floors?

Dog barks every day starting at 4 or 5 am

Registered Guest Exceptions?

Paying bills with earmarked reserve funds

Owners not following bylaws

Condo windows about to fall apart

Condo dryer venting problem

How to get floor fixed properly by association

How much of floor area must be carpeted?

No heat or hot water; who should foot hotel bill?

Questions on association's sealing of documents

HOA charging exorbitant late fee

Board does not let owners speak during meeting

Board trying to start enforcing old rules from the 60's

Banning all smoking in North Dakota condo building

What should property management cost in PA?

Snow plows damaged owners car

Can board garnish wages of absentee owner?

New owner finds out association taxes not paid for 10 years

Declining condo complex, disinterested board

Should buyers have to pay for credit report?

Owner unsure if he's responsible for basement clean up

Sickened by mold caused by flooding

Can a HOA be sued for bullying?

No one will fix mailbox locks, but they keep charging us

No interest being charged; can it be recovered?

Can board make the annual meeting private?

Sprinklers turned off to save $5 on monthly dues

Property management company is unresponsive

HOA wants renter to stop repairing car in garage

Board member stopped attending meetings

Can owner sue over damage caused by leaks?

Board raises dues with no notice

Can condo president decide on repairs?

Is association liable for property management contract?

Source for Florida condo law

Questions about fees for owners who rent their condos

How to determine if board is playing favorites

Rodents in attic, entering through soffits

Property manager wonders if error could lead to problems

Should management note violations during walk-throughs?

Florida board member troubled by president's actions

Owners stole association funds, no one will help

HOA not performing maintenance or repairs to rental units

How to get rid of Pit Bull in Florida

Can HOA be forced to repair moldy walls before re-roofing?

Can president and treasurer be the same person?

Should property manager's company be winning all bids for repair work?

Is there a way to force the repair of a leaky roof?

Advice for resurfacing painted cork walkways

Can a person run for the board if they do not live on site?

Upper limit on condo fee increase?

Can non-home owner be on condo board?

Christmas party profit taxable?

Must owner pay monthly fees if facilities not used?

Parking business trucks in driveways, ignoring rules

Charging to list units on association web site

Board increases fees with no vote

Who should pay for floors damaged by termites?

Can owners waive need to add to reserve funds?

Bylaws or state law - which one defines needed votes

Payment terms for condo painting

Not enough board members, bylaws provide no solution

HOA not enforcing rules causing fears of liability

Stomping above is driving downstairs owners crazy

Florida owners with pets that violate covenant

What role should management companies play in board elections?

Partying tentants and timid board

President interviewing new maintenance person

Benefit to being an officer vs CAM?

Can FL board change rules to limit guests?

How to convince board to make a rental exception

Garage not listed on plat of Missouri condo

Owner in San Diego needs condo attorney

New board removes large amount of foiliage

What can be done about legal fees over towing dispute?

Board head wants to install security cameras

Misappropriation of special assessment funds for a portico

Can association create guidelines for "gray" areas?

Question on advance notice for board meetings

Conflict with audit and taxes done by same person?

How often should audits take place?

Right to inspect HOA file on an owner's unit

New owners unsure why they are paying for past expenses

Delinquent owners trying to remove board in IL

Owners want to see details of suit against HOA

Can board demand installation of sound barrier in floors?

Insects in walls, who should pay for pest service?

Special assessment payment plan

Is it gouging to charge $150 for a refi letter?

Does FL condo law override bylaw term limits for boards?

Collapsed condo ceiling - culprit won't pay

Board in IL will not hand over documents

Termites in fence and condo, who should pay?

MD association charging owners who rent their condos

Property management's responsibilities in PA?

How many votes do you get if you own 3 units?

Can owner serve on two condo boards?

Redefining meaning of "majority" by NJ condo attorney

Can HOA in MA ban satellite dish installation?

NH owner's neighbors did roof, now want reimbursement

How can we stop unapproved storage on porches?

Who pays to replace garage door?

Property management firm shaking things up at WA association

Squirrels and rats in attic - who must fix roof?

Pipe repair damages to interior wall in IL condo

Renegade condo board not allowing meeting to be held

Can board member peruse property manager's database?

Tricky monthly fee disclosures and OH condo transactions

Is it legal for MI association to apply new payments to old late fee?

CA HOA not responding to leaking ceiling report

Condo lawyer needed in Ft. Lauderdale by owner

Miami resident's poinsettia removed by neighbor

NJ owner finds it near impossible to get elected to board

NJ condo owner confused about reserve studies and funds

Owner of moldy condo in FL needs help getting remediation

Can Chicago condo association be forced to hire a union janitor?

What should FL condo association do with operating profit?

Should MA association cap rentals to keep FHA approval?

Are bylaws a requirement for associations in NJ?

Advice on limiting renters in MA

Should MI HOA be charging arbitrary fee for renters?

HOA crying poor mouth with a million in reserves

What can MI condo association do about slumlords?

Are competitive bids required by law in IN?

Can FL HOA members hold a private meeting?

Can MI HOA raise fees for a security service?

What's to stop "vote" fights at NJ board meetings?

Can board control owners' email activity?

NH owner needs advice on renters not picking up after dogs

Board won't allow recording of dispute hearing

What can IL owners do about ignored bylaws?

Can board watch resident with security cameras?

Is it legal to charge 6 months late fees for one missed payment?

Insufficient fines encourage owners to violate rental restrictions

Can I be stopped from visiting condo with my 100lb dog?

Can security camera be installed between owner's doors?

Need suggestions for bullying directors in IN

New HOA member curious about filing insurance claims

HVAC problems with newly purchased condo in PA

Please help with advice for rat infestation in AL

How can FL owner convince board that solar tube is allowed?

How can an owner be sure HOA insurance is appropriate?

NY condo board raising monthly fees, your opinion?

What recourse is there for board that does not enforce restrictions?

Pump noise unbearable for new condo owners in Philly

Should VA HOA consider a loan to make repairs?

Electing a board member with a quorum in FL

How to stop smoking in common areas in OH

Is it legal to charge renters triple for storage space?

Can MN association double fees for renters only?

Who is responsible for condo insulation in TX?

Can a renter be allowed to serve on condo board?

New board member shocked by lack of professionalism

Can FL HOA outlaw the display of prices on bulletin board?

Tips for handling stray cat feeders in GA

Can real estate agents pay condo fees to encourage buyers?

HOA president has commandeered handicapped parking spot

What can MA owner do about deteriorated porch?

Fired trustee won't sign letter to record new trustee

Can condo manager prohibit owner from using different TV service?

Should accounting firm be only check signer?

What are board meeting minute requirements in NJ?

Right to see breakdown of special assessment costs

Who breaks tied condo board in Florida

Trash chute fan causing awful noise and vibration in KS

CA HOA renting out visitor parking spots

Is it legal for board to hold private meetings in ND?

Anyone know how many states have sunshine laws?

Shouldn't HOA have a floor covering policy?

Who breaks tie on HOA vote?

How to replace non-active HOA board members?

Florida owners stop board from taking out an HOA loan

Is association responsible for rodent problem?

Noise complaints in condo development

Advice on budgeting for reserves in RI

Who pays for damage caused by leaking balcony in IL?

Is HOA or unit owner responsible for fire sprinkler repairs in MA?

How should building director handle noise complaints?

Short term rentals cannot be controlled in small CA complex

Emails between board members and the FL Sunshine Law

Who should pay for repair to crack in foundation?

FL reserve funds zeroed out without member votes

In FL, who sets reserve amount, board or owners?

GA condo wants ideas on rewarding volunteers

Condo association refuses to enforce their own bylaws

Can condo board discriminate against women?

Can condo owner go fishing on association's lake property?

Does husband need to be licensed and insurured to replace HOA window?

Are FL association members entitled to owner's info?

Law Reporter: Unapproved Construction Leads to Foreclosure

Should NY owner have to pay rental admin fee every year?

Could hot water heaters be causing bothersome vibration?

How many members needed to vote in new board in Miami?

IL condo owner stopped paying fees 6 years ago

CA board member lying about other board members

Owner in IL hires lawyer to address damages, board resigns

Rain leaking through windows in newly purchased CA condo

Protecting a Condo Association Through Proper Reserves Funding

NC owner wants to hold dues in exchange for meeting minutes

Can HOA distribute newsletter via US Mail?

Florida owner paying neighbor's AC bill for 13 years

Disabled owner hogging handicap spot

What the heck does enjoin mean, wonders FL owner

Can FL board call special meeting on short notice?

Who should pay to fix pipe in CA condo?

Can MA owner install solar panels in spite of architectural rules?

Who should replace defective sprinkler head in FL condo?

Cape Cod condo now declared "transient" by the town

San Diego condo experiencing unexplicable vibrations

Internal cracks related to foundation sinking - who pays in MO?

Fargo condo board banning owners from meetings

Mother of disabled son being sued by LA Housing Authority

Can I be forced to pay a special assessment to fund reserves?

Robert's Rules and condo board secretary requirements in IL

Pool accessibility for one or for all at Florida condo?

Question on FL association loan term that is ending

Are HOA annual meeting minutes public documents?

How long should New York City condo board take to approve rental app?

Will small claims court get condo board to cough up financials?

What to do about contradictory bylaws in OH

Does MO HOA have to file a tax return?

Insurance question for condos and timeshares in MN

FL board votes to evict tenants; can vote be repeated?

HOA says no smoking on patio in CA

Can MD board enter unit if owners don't respond?

GA resident questions conflict of interest

Retired Delaware owner not paying up

Blocked dryer vent in IL - who is responsible?

New GA board members seek training suggestions

Board president can't get owner to respond in FL

Is NJ association stealing Mom's roof assessment interest?

Renters with large and problematic dogs in SC condo

How can OH condo owner get repairs done?

Florida question on grandfathered lot

Small CA association unclear about regular vs. special assessments

Property manager in GA won't release crime statistics

Trees behind CT condo cut with no warning from board

Walnut, CA owners getting evicted from condo

San Diego condo owners feeling vibrations

Can FL owners make a petition to remove abusive president?

Funding options for making improvements for small HOA in CA

NJ board won't respond to request for meeting to oust them

Laundry list of complaints against board in FL

Board and property manager ignoring GA rental cap rule

Who pays monthly charges for alarm phone lines in WI?

OK mother and son being harassed by HOA president

Who should pay to stop tree from damaging deck in OH?

Town won't help with noise from 1st floor bar in ME

PA owner not receiving meeting notes and more

Does WA association have to carry association insurance?

Is owner in CT obligated to allow contractors to install gutter heaters?

Locksmith breaks into MD condo; injures owner

Owner's daughter swimming in FL association's pool every day

CA association told they can't place liens for overdue fines

Special assessment no longer so special in GA

Security light catches fire due to nest in OH

Chicago association needs way to improve window situation

Board dodging rules and handing out contracts in FL

MI board member altered legal doc to mislead owners

Does Ohio owner need to give a copy of his keys to the HOA?

Is HOA president financially irresponsible with association money?

Florida condo association pays for snowbird president's plane tickets

Owners in MA having hard time reasoning with board

GA owner granted hardship status; paying only $25/month

FL owner wants to put condo minutes online

Is FL association responsible for old windows?

How can a FL HOA employee report embezzlement?

Can IL property management firm charge 50 cents a page?

Owner ticketed for parking in handicapped spot in FL

CA HOA forbids for sale sign in common area

Is IL association now mandatory vs. voluntary?

MD law prohibiting restricted access to facilities?

Does ownership held in trust exempt CA unit from CC&Rs?

What can RI residents do about fees that they are unable to pay?

Condo renter in Iowa irate over fee for new pass

How can association in MA force owner to evict a bad tenant?

Legal for NH for bank to make HOA enter a 30 year maintenance program?

Is a majority vote required to change master docs in MA?

Can FL builder prohibit solar tube installation?

Do timeshare bylaws trump 515B in MN?

Is CA board required to formally approve reserve expenditures?

NC condo association wants to shut off senior's water supply

Dennis Port, MA condo trustees assess for repair with no detail available

How much should condo association set aside per year in reserves?

Owner sues condo association for winter damage. Can master insurance pay?

Can FL association president sign contracts unilaterally?

Can CA condo charge tenants for water and electric?

NY association wonders how to run meeting to remove board members

Can FL board president assign duties to a unit owner?

Can FL board sue owner after 21 years?

New York board president wonders about conflict of interest

Does Florida require emergency telephones in elevators?

Illinois condo president wants forgiveness of outstanding balances

Florida resident wants basketball hoop removed

Does FL condo law require board to supply roofing contract to owner?

Leak in FL condo's bedroom, who is responsible for damage?

Do FL HOA owners have legal access to vendor contracts?

Should MD property management look for violations during walk through inspections?

Does mold travel in a roof?

No pet policies in MA

Can GA property manager control proxy voting procedures?

Does grandfathering apply to FL condo?

Florida condo association president cant make owners follow bylaws

What is the right compensation for a Florida condo association manager?

Can HOA force assessment without a vote?

Question about what should be included in FL HOA meeting minutes

Question on condo reserve funds law in WA

Michigan condo association not enforcing bylaws

Should property management firm in GA be paid extra for special projects?

Can PA condo board double fees to increase reserves?

What should MA association consider when shifting to self-management?

Condo Renters in SC with smoke damage and no renter's insurance

Can MA association assess only owners who can't pay upfront for repairs?

Florida dog groomer being singled out for violation by board

Recently bought condo in PA, now rules changing to disallow renting

Florida condo board and unexplained attorney's fees

Condo president in Florida threatening resident over questions

How can a 6 unit association in NJ break a tied board election vote?

Should condo developer in Florida help pay for improvements?

How can condo building director help with noise nuisance?

Pembroke Pines, FL: What is a condo association director at large?

Moisture problems in building from rain. Who needs to repair it?

Condo neighbor pilfers owner's goods

New condo buyer in CA being harassed by developer

How a new condo board president got finances in order

Michigan board trying to cancel annual meeting

Can trustees change docs without majority vote in MA?

Can excess funds be used towards a condo reserve fund?

Can Florida condo owners decide on cable contract renewal?

Can association tow truck in handicapped spot?

Association president not sure who pays for sunken foundation

Deed confusion around transfer of condo to HOA in PA

NJ owner being fleeced for fencing

Any legal recourse for MO owner wanting to screen in deck?

Worried about inspection of 40 year old Florida condo

Rotting wood under windows - who is responsible in MD?

Does CA HOA have to advise members about pest treatments?

Arlington Heights IL condo association needs rental cap

Does Broward County condo require inspection?

Failed Chicago condo conversion wants to revert to apartments

Can property manager be an owner?

What to do about satellite dish in common yard in MN?

Advisory committee is trying to run the HOA in Florida

Does Florida code outlaw emailing about voting by board members?

How may an Ohio association invest its long-term reserves?

How many board members should an 80 unit association have in IL?

How can a potential buyer in MD get access to condo bylaws?

How long should CT board keep threatening foreclosure?

Florida condo board president paying self $1,000/month

Handicapped spot requirements for New Jersey condos

Does owner or HOA pay for faulty sprinkler replacement?

Wisconsin condo leak has damaged owner's flooring, who pays?

Miami HOA votes in new board, do they have to pay double fees to the state?

Reviews of Condo Management and HOA Software

Can a FL condo board charge $100 for financial info on renters?

Can Sarasota condo association change condo fee structure?

Can Michigan board members vote if there is conflict of interest?

How can we terminate an existing condominium board?

Small Florida association wants to remove an officer

What penalties can be imposed on those renting out short term in FL?

Why should Chicago owner pay assessment for others balconies?

NJ HOA's builder is preventing transition and renting out units

Florida condo buyer not sure what financials should be provided

Legal news on special assessments for legal fees and more

Michigan owner afraid to ask what board wants him to do with shrubs

Secret board meetings in ND has owners suspicious!

Florida owner: can board can dictate number of days allowed as rental?

Florida bid marked privileged

Florida board member also on advisory board gets a double vote

Ohio condo with leaky slabs, owners and not the association should pay

What can IL homeowners do to prevent increase in monthly fees?

Boggled by the law in Ohio

Why should NJ owner have to replace their own windows?

MD owner suffers water damage - must they use their insurance?

Florida unit owner with leaky slab asks who pays?

Would FL owner suing association have to pay fees if suit is won?

Can Michigan condo deny purchase to buyer with 2 dogs?

Trees blocking neighbor's junk are dying at condo in Oregon

25 out of 70 units are rentals - what are we now?

Is Florida owner inquiring when emailing management company?

HOA board refuses to fix owner's plumbing problem

Can contractor use HOA board seat to get home improvement business?

Can NJ snowbird keep seat on board of trustees?

Does owner in MA have to hand her insurance check over to association?

New Hampshire owner being fined for not returning signed receipt

Miami condo owner not sure if it's ok for docs to be in NC

Fargo, ND board ignoring oxygen tank in condo of smoker

What wording could be used to allow child to live with parents in a 55+ condo in Florida?

How can a Virginia association write a rule to enforce neat decks and patios?

How to force Florida seller to hand over sales contract?

How to keep uninsured AC service people off the roof in Florida?

How can a Florida condo board elect a director at large?

Can owner take over Wisconsin association's garage storage area?

Illinois board president insists state condo law prevails

Georgia condo complex wants to stop nearby apartment residents from cutting through

New Jersey property manager spending owners' money like water

Woodbridge, NJ owner questions boards taking of guest spots

Fort Myers, Florida secretary accused of bad board behavior

Reserve Studies – Lessons Learned

Michigan condo association lawyer gives full power to president

Davie FL association needs mail questions to property managers for answers

Connecticut owners having problems getting HOA ok for pest control

Deland FL board has HOA meetings when employed owners cant attend

Can North Carolina HOA owner screen-in their porch?

Freehold NJ roofing company wants to install carcinogenic roofing material

Is there a standard form available to change HOA bylaws?

The injustice of board member renting out unit in Justice, IL

Illinois HOA board only gives details of budget after it's been voted on

Can old condo board president keep his keys while he teaches new prez?

Florida renter's guest's car towed after just 3 hours

Condo reserve study needed how often?

Board president arbritrarily nixes satellite dish on patio - Narragansett, RI

Confusion over rentals allowed for FHA loans in Virginia

Owner's water line is leaking under parking lot - California

Must police show warrant to property manager in Colorado?

Condo owner in Florida wonders if pool heating could be "donated"

Deland, FL HOA holding meetings during working hours

Colorado condo's cable offer seems too good to be true

Is it ok for board president in Hawaii to do paid work on the property?

Maine condo board refusing to give out financials required by law

What can owner in Hyderabad, India do about damage to car?

Can amended rules allow for fines higher than those given in declaration of trust?

Sweating sprinkler pipes staining ceiling in Stuart, FL

Can California former owner sue for moving costs?

Can California HOA charge compounding interest on overdue HOA fees?

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